Sketches, doodles, WIPs and concept art
DS cards37to48 Not Your Drinking Buddy   Black's  not really one of those friendly types you want to sit next to at the tavern. 25 Expressions Challenge  Phew, that was good practice. And fun. I wasn't planning to colour it but i got carried away.  I suspect in the 'annoyed' one the subject of his annoyance is me making him pull all these faces.  I changed a couple of expressions from the original template
knightmare progress  Media: Acrylic paint on mixed media paper. A4.  Progress images of acrylic painting of Knightmare, just galloping happily along through what seems to be a rather large pool of blood. As you do. : knightmare, dire, unicorn, dire unicorn, painting, progression, acrylic, OC, original character, character, daemonslayers shade dark nature  Media: Pencils, texture added digitally Characters:  Shade ,  Raven   and Ymmu.  Shade again, in a fun new outfit. This is him quite a long way along the DS timeline. fyi, Blackjack's responsible for that unpleasant looking 'scratch' in his chest (long story). In the back there is Ymmu the Necroclast, Shade's dire werewolf form and of course Raven. : shade, warrior, fighter, human, male, blonde, daemonslayer, daemonslayers, OC, project, undead, raven, lycanthrope, werewolf, dire werewolf, dark nature, ymmu, necroclast, pencils Sometimes  "Sometimes..."
untitledcomicpages  Media: Pen and ink, tidied in Photoshop. Character:  Shade , Shadow Priest daemon.  Pages from 'Wolf and Raven'. Had a lot of fun experimenting with layouts for this comic. : daemonslayers, shade, demon, daemon, shadow priest, evil, monster, comic, graphic novel, layout, pages ACEO - Soul  Media: Media: Pen and ink, marker 2.5.x.5 artist trading card. Character:  Soul : ACEO, ATC, soul, daemonslayers, character, OC, project, magic, human, female heritage sketches  Media: Pencils  Characters:  Blackjack , Geirrodur, that zombie griffin and Knightmare.  Little sketches from "Heritage". : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, heritage, comic, knightmare, dire unicorn, geirrodur, zombie griffin
Soul - Jumping  Media: Digital Character:  Soul (wereform)   Panel from one of the comics which I decided to colour for a bit of practice. : Soul, wereform, werewolf, female, lycanthrope, brown, jumping, full body, digital, anthro, furry, daemonslayers, character, OC, project ink blackjack fly  Media: Pen and ink, brush pens Character:  Blackjack   Fairly quick pen and ink drawing, just because I hadn't drawn Black' here in a while. : Blackjack, cursed, black, dragon, dracosvulf, dragon, wolf, hybrid, dragonwolf, flying, winged, ink, wings, black and white, greyscale, daemonslayers, project Blackjack - reference sheet  Media: Digital Character:  Blackjack   Character sheet in progress.
Page Progression  I'd been asked a few times now how I go about drawing the pages for 'Heritage'. So here's the skinny: Start off with a thumbnail sketched (not pictured because they look like crap), sketch out the page proper (again not pictured, same reason). Once that's done I ink the lines. For this I use Deleter no.1 black ink and Deleter dip-ink pens. G-pen for most of the lines, changing to a mapping nip for the thinnest lines. I use Letraset comic book paper... for a while I used Deleter paper but it doesn't hold the ink so well on the wash stage. Which brings me on to... The wash stage! Once the ink's dry (that's rather important) I rub out the pencils and come in with kolinsky sable brushes (Winsor&Newton Series 7) with Deleter ink. This time I use no.5 since that seems to work nicest with washes. Once inked and dried I then use Photoshop to add more shading and atmosphere. For this particular page I decided to add colour but usually I stop at the greyscale stage. Bloodbane character sheet  Character:  Syrax Bloodbane   Trying to work up a character sheet for Blackjack's true form. journalblackjack  Media: Pen and ink  From one of my journals.  I'm very good at starting them, not so good at completing. : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, flying, sketch, pen and ink, ink, pen, line drawing, lineart
Shade sketch  Super quick tiny sketch of Shade - I was just messing around with ideas for his outfit. The mask makes it into one of the comics I'm working on. Knightmare - lines  Quick pen and ink drawing of Knightmare : knightmare Zombie Griffin  Character: undead gryphon. Appears in: Heritage : Undead, griffin, gryphon, evil, fell, monster, zombie, heritage, daemonslayers, character, comic, pen and ink, black and white, greyscale
Winterheart - detail  Media: Digital Character: Winterheart  In all her evil detail. : daemonslayers, winterheart, world building, character, oc, dragon, dragoness, goddess, evil, black, red, detailed, full body, portrait, rising, terrible ACEO Shade  Media: Media: Pen and ink, chinese ink block. 2.5.x.5 artist trading card. : ACEO, ATC, shade, daemonslayers, character, OC, project, sword, human, male, werewolf ACEO Ember  Media: Pastels 2.5x3.5" artist card  Character: Ember (appears in  Heritage ). : ACEO, daemonslayers, ember, OC, dragon, black, red, evil, mean, fire, character, pastels
wet blackjack  Media: Digital colour, pen and ink wash   Coloured panel from "Heritage". : blackjack, project, character, OC, daemonslayers, cursed black dragon, cursed, black, dragon, syrax, bloodbane, hybrid, dragonwolf, dracosvulf, dracolf, anthro, warrior, furry, winged, male, wet, swamp, angry, annoyed, colour, heritage, comic Sepuket sketch  Media: Watercolour markers. Species:  Sepuket : watercolour, undead, sepuket, skeleton, monster, unique, original, skull, head wc yupo sepuket  Media: Watercolour on yupo paper Species:  Sepuket : watercolour, undead, yupo, sepuket, skeleton, monster, unique, original, skull, head
Sepuket Skull  Media: Watercolour Species: Sepuket : sepuket, undead, monster, skull, face, creature, original species, daemonslayers, tymaera Charcoals - Blackjack  Media: Charcoal, white pastel. : blackjack, daemonslayers, portrait, closeup, charcoal, white, pastel, black, black and white Bloodbane - quick sketch  Media: Ink, pencil Quick sketch of  Syrax Bloodbane . : bloodbane, syrax, blackjack, daemonslayers, dragon, black, sitting, relaxed, sketch
Panel from 'Wolf and Raven'  A randomly coloured panel from 'Wolf and Raven'. Sketchy Sepuket  Media: brush pen. Background added digitally.  Species:  Sepuket   Quick brush pen drawing. Thinking about making adoptables of this just to see what will happen. Maybe. : sepuket, undead, monster, original species, skull face, skull, fluffy, spikes, pen and ink, line drawing Harmless Fun  No Comment
ATC shadeink  Shade looks a bit too elfin here. ACEO card , pen and ink. Knightmare - watercolours  Watercolour sketch of Knightmare. : Knightmare Quiet Moment  Just having a smoke in the rain. As you do.
Soul - sketch  Quick marker doodle of Soul. Dire unicorn sketch  Dire unicorn, this one being Firestorm. : dire unicorn, evil, skeleton, burning, fire, firestorm, flames, sketch ACEO Sepuket  Quick ACEO in markers of a sepuket. : sepuket, undead, creature, original species, blue, grey, fur, skull, face, teeth, watercolour, watercolor, aceo, atc, artist trading card
Character Portraits  Various characters   The versions of these I used for graphics are teeny tiny, but I kinda liked these particular ones (there's more!) so decided to upload them at a larger size for you all to see :) I've still got a load more characters need drawing, but I'm more than halfway through now. Knightare flying  Very quick indian ink painting of Knightmare. Rain  Markers. ACEO... I keep meaning to redraw this some day.
Glug-glug-glug flight