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commishangry gulo fight by sythgara  Artist:  Sythgara  Characters: Manranu (Sythgara's) vs Blackjack knightmare2  Artist:  Angela-T  Character: Knightmare Knightmare! In all his firey spirited glory :) I was really lucky to get the opportunity to commission Angela for a speed paint, as you can see from the result.
kahitoslydeft blackjack  Artwork by:  Kahito Slydeft   'Catch Ax' nataliedecorsair blackjack  Artwork by:  NatalieDeCorsair   'It's Time to Visit Hell' Blackjack by Vrass  Artwork by:  Vrass  A speedpaint of Black' by the very talented Vrass over on FA.
knightmare by kaiserflames  Artist:  KaiserFlames  Characters: Knightmare Gorgeous pic of Knightmare in flight by KaiserFlames. Do follow the link above to check out her work. Shade by TomatoDragon  Artist:  TomatoDragon  Character: Shade (F'lair)  TomatoDragon is to be thanked for this awesomeness :-) I just love how this is bursting with energy - something of a trademark with his artwork. ds veroro2  Artist:  Veroro   Awesome work by Veroro :)
BlackJack by questingraven  Artist:  QuestingRaven  Character: Blackjack  Heehee, he's looking very badass here, courtesy of QuestingRaven. I think those new pants suit him... blackjack by runandwine  Artwork by:  Runandwine  Character: Blackjack   I had the pleasure recently of commissioning the talented Runandwine over on DA for a picture of Shade, and of Blackjack. She has gorgeous colouring and linework - go check out her gallery.  I love how expressive this is! The pose speaks for itself, I think.  Original - shade by runandwine  Artwork by:  Runandwine  Character: Shade (F'lair)Shade  I had the pleasure recently of commissioning the talented Runandwine over on DA for a picture of Shade, and of Blackjack. She has gorgeous colouring and linework - go check out her gallery. As for the picture, Shade looks just so awesome and snarly here - love it! Original -
bloodbane by pythosblaze  Artist:  Pythosblaze  Character: Bloodbane  Awesome picture of Bloodbane by the very talented Pythosblaze over on DA BlackJackandKnightmare by kasia  Artist:  Sythgara  Blackjack and Knightmare  Awesome commission by Kasia. I love the posees and inking! sugarsweet mrferv blackjack  Artists:  MisterFerv - lines  and  Sugarsweet - lines   'The Wicked Has Taken Over' I was fortunate enough to win an commission :-) And this is it, awesome teamwork from MisterFerv and Sugarsweet over on FA!
flying blackjack  Artwork by:  Dokuro blackjack by pythosblaze  Artist:  Pythosblaze  Character: Blackjack  I couldn't resist going back to Pythosblaze for a picture of Blackjack in his pseudoform to accompany that Bloodbane piece. And as a bonus you can see this in progress on her Livestream. bust commission   SHADE by testdrive  Artist:  Pythosblaze  Character: Shade (F'lair)  Testdrive on Deviantart is currently offering commissions and I was unable to resist taking up one of the bust commissions. I just love how this is oozing with mood!
aerokat judgment  Artist:  Aerokat   Aerokat was offering a set of tarot commissions based on the Major Arcana so I snagged the 'Judgement' card. I did consider going for one of the more obvious choices for Blackjack but where would the fun be in that? She sent me the original and a laminated print, both of which look awesome :-) ShadeC irea  Artist:  Irea   Irea did this awesome picture of Shade, certainly catching him in a more dangerous mood. Check out her DA gallery (linked above). Daemonslayers commission by DawidFrederik  Artist:  DawidFrederik   You can see why I couldn't resist colouring this!
daemon  Artwork by:  Profanebeast   The cover for the 24 page 'Wolf and Raven' story. Epic lineart! wolf and raven  Artwork by:  Profanebeast   The cover for the 24 page 'Wolf and Raven' story. The epic lineart and inking are by the awesomely talented Profanebeast over on Deviantart! Colours by yours truly. Chibi by Endling  Artist:  Endling  Endling was offering a limited number of chibi commission slots to raise money for a good cause so I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to commission one. Blackjack makes for a pretty mean looking chibi, I have to say.
Darkwere2  Artist:  Drayok   The second of two sketch commissions by Drayok :) Shade in his wereform, this time. Darkwere1  Artist:  Drayok   Blackjack, by the talented Drayok over on dA! bloodbane sculpt  Artwork by:  Safir  Character: Bloodbane  Sooo awesome. Beautiful papier-mache sculpture of Bloodbane. Very happy I had the good fortune to snag this commission :-)
blackjack mytoast  Artwork by:  Slug Brains   Can't express how much I love this. She really made Blackjack come alive for me with this sculpture :) 2008 comission 08 by renecordova  Artwork by:  Renecordova  Renecordova on Deviantart drew this awesome commission of Blackjack. As you can see those lines are very tempting to apply some colour to and I couldn't help myself :D So there's a coloured version I'll be adding to the gallery in due course. blackjack by angelt  Artwork by:  The Angel of Angels  Love the dynamic of the pose - looks like he's about to take off to come get you...
20 commission blackjack by rantz-d2zw00l  Artwork by:  Rantz  A quick sketch commission by Rantz on dA. Blackjack by shinobifi  Artwork by:  Shinobi-Fi  A commission by Shinobi-fi over on dA. I love that wicked grin she's given him :) The Storm by Dokiestudioz  Artwork by:  Dokuro  Character: Blackjack  Another most awesome rendition of Black' by Dokuro... I just love this, especially with that dramatic lighting.  heheh, and he's nekkid  girly giggle . He looks like he's about to rip the head off whoever nicked his trousers.
blackjackbust by daimida  Artist:  kate-n-bd  (formerly Daimida)  Quick bust commission from dA.