Bestiary - part1

Peoples, Dragons and Creatures of Tymaera
Animal - Bog Eel  Animal:  Bog Eels (more info)   Bog eels are a freshwater species of predators/scavengers that favour slow-moving rivers, fens, bogs and other still-water areas of depths less than 5 metres (deeper than this they're likely to run into larger predators like lurkers).  A full grown bog eel can reach up to 10 metres in length! Though they mostly feed on aquatic life smaller than they, their three-part jaws are hinged on elasticated ligaments so, much like a snake, they can swallow large prey whole as when the opportunity presents they will snatch an unsuspecting meal from above the water. Animal - Ungua  Race:  Ungua (more info)   Ungua are found in rivers and estuaries where they prey upon creatures along the shore and in the water. With their powerful tails and six limbs they are strong, fast swimmers and can put on a surprising turn of speed on land. Animal - Tomanda  Race:  Tomanda (more info)   In Sauren, the language spoken by lizardmen and hssaar, 'tomanda' means 'slow'. Originally others thought its ponderous movements had earned the tomanda its name. However, 'tomanda' also means 'be careful'. This is because Tomanda are slow, ponderous and docile (if raised from hatchlings) but if threatened or angered, they turn into unstoppable juggernauts of destruction.
Race - Ranwulfs  Race:  Ranwulfs (more info)   Ranwulf tribes were the inhabitants of Caevalonia's vast, open plains long before human barbarians and centaurs came to the continent from the Northlands. For countless generations the three species have warred over these territories and there is no sign of an end to the conflict. This is how the ranwulfs have earned their reputation as a warlike, barbarian race. They are distrustful of outsiders, especially anyone from the lands of the Empire, and so few people get close enough to them to learn that beneath this reputation there is much more to them. Race - Hssaar  Race:  Hssaar (more info)   The hssaar are feared throughout Caevalonia for their relentless hostility toward all other races. Their cunning and cruelty are as infamous as that of the lunaris (dark elves) and they too have the backing of the dark gods on their side. Animal - Gorrta  Race:  Gorrta (more info)   These are the largest naturally-occurring feline denizens of Caevalonia. Gorrta are prized for their fur and for their capacity (if raised from very young) as loyal mounts.
Animal - Ghostfish  Animal:  Ghostfish (more info)   These plague many a fresh- and saltwater environment. They are 1.5-2m long and covered in almost translucent silvery grey scales. These, coupled with the white tendrils that trail alongside their bodies as they swim are what lend ghostfish their name. Their heads are large in comparison to the rest of their bodies to accommodate the strong jaw muscles. Their eyes are large opaque and white. They have two powerful fins that allow them to move very quickly through water. If they can pick up enough speed they can even jump up to a metre above the water's surface... this makes them very unpopular with fishermen. Race - Degarii  Race:  Degarii (more info)   Quick-witted, curious and intelligent, the half-beast degarii race inhabit Caevalonia's temperate forest and jungle regions. Tales of the treasures held within their temples sometimes attract unwanted attention and although as a race degarii are a peaceful people, if they have to defend themselves their fighting prowess becomes apparent. Animal - Bludsogger  Species:  Bludsogger (more info)   Bludsoggers are unpleasant, bottom-dwelling fish whose name - translated into Common Tongue as 'Blood Suckers' - says it all.
Animal - Wyvern  Race:  Wyvern (more info)   Wyverns are sometimes called dragons. This is incorrect and anyone overheard saying this by a dragon would be in trouble... Monster - Manticore  Species: Manticore Infamous for their taste for human flesh, manticores have been hunted almost to extinction across all of Tymaera. Even on the continent of Caevalonia they're now few and far between, haunting only remote mountainous and forested regions where they can pick off lone travellers or small settlements with ease. They possess an intelligence above most animals but there is no record of any manticore being able to talk, despite their humanoid countenance. Males and females are distinguished by their faces and slightly smaller size of the females. Both sexes have manes. Their colouring is usually black and red and all manticore have piercing brilliant blue eyes. Manticores are predators but much prefer to eat humans or, at a push, dwarves and elves. Strangely they show no interest at all in feeding on any of the half-beast races such as degarii or ranwulfs which fuels legends of their origins as a tribe of cannibalistic humans who were transformed by one of the dark gods as a 'gift' for their worship. Race - Sealodd  Race:  Sealodd (more info)   The unplumbed depths of Tymaera's vast oceans are a source of countless tales of nameless horrors and legendary sunken ruins. It is said some of the deepest abysses have no end and in fact merge with the Lower Planes, allowing access to the mortal realms for the daemonic servants of the dark gods. The cephalopodous monstrosities known as sealodds (also called sealords) are rumoured to be descendants of these evil creatures. There are dire whispers of their collusion with the equally infamous elver people and it is said they worship their terrible masters in the same sunken temples. Sealodds possess a cruel, cold intelligence and are hoarders if ancient knowledge, shared only with those who understand the subsonic rumble of their voices.
Monster - Hydra  Species:  Hydra (more info)   These dangerous fell beasts are recognisable through their seven (or more!) heads, two legs and usually about three tails. They can reach about 15 metres in length from head to tail. Legends suggesting that two heads will regrow in the place of one which has been severed are untrue, but they are dangerous nonetheless. It is unknown what creature hydra descended from but it is thought the magic that permeates Tymaera helped warp them into the monstrosities they are today. Monster - Griffin  Species:  Regal Griffin (more info)   The most recognised form of griffin, occurring on all of Tymaera's continents, including Caevalonia. Race - Dracosvulfs  There are more dracosvulfs on Tymaera besides Blackjack. Since the beginning of the demon wars the race was resurrected through the actions of Shine transforming dragons into her own servants. Shine's mental hold over these 'mass produced' warriors (almost all of the less powerful dragons in the south of Caevalonia were transmuted) was not as strong as over the first few dracosvulfs she created. However, the curse these lost dragons were under was so powerful that, unlike Blackjack, these dracosvulfs never regained any memories of their true forms beyond fleeting, obscure dreams and visions. Over the years they bred to create a new race of full dracosvulfs and after Shine's defeat they deserted their position in her army, turning against the demons they had been charmed to serve with.  They inhabit the lands south of the mountain chains forming the World's Spine, beset by Dark Elves to the east, and ever dreading the greater threat of Saragoth's armies of demons to the west.
Ground Wyvern  Media: Derwent Graphic pencils on bristol board.    Ground Wyverns - a race of flightless, dragon-like creatures. They look much different from the normal serpentine winged wyverns. According to Dragon Lore this is because ground wyverns were once true dragons, but after somehow angering the gods with sins now forgotten the entire bloodline had the gift of speech, flight and reason taken from them and they degenerated into little more than beasts. Unlike true wyverns these creatures can never be tamed and make for a dangerous nuisance. : dragon, misshapen, ground, wyvern, flightless, dark, pencils, graphite, grey scale, black and white, full body, background, tymaera, daemonslayers Dragon Bloodlines - Dharkal  Found only in the Icy Wastes in the deep south of Caevalonia, very little is known about the Dharkal bloodline save that they are flightless and their blood runs at temperatures far below zero. Legend has it that they guard the ruins and arcane secrets of an ancient city that was once the capital of a glorious civilisation during the Age of Immortals. No one has substantiated this tale, however, for their lands are inhospitable and unexplored: for much of the year the suns barely rise and besides the lack of food danger is ever present in the form of demons that wander from the Ruined Land far to the north west. Dragons - Gold  Don't be mistaken by the metallic scales: on Tymaera metallic doesn't ='good' and chromatic doesn't mean 'evil'... (that tends to be governed more by Bloodline or individual leanings) Tymaeran dragons angle more toward 'lawful' and 'chaotic' respectively ... it just means this guy's probably not going to randomly bite your head off for the fun of it (unless you give him a good reason to). And he wouldn't feel sorry for you if he did - gold dragons are notoriously up their own arses about other species being inferior to dragons (rather like reds, but with better tempers).
Dragon Bloodlines - Caldur  Media: Digital  A dragon of the Kaldur Bloodline, patiently waiting and not at all bothered by the cold.   ____   The Kaldur are not a strong Bloodline. Their kind emerged only recently (by dragon timelines!) and many ancient dragons consider them to be a prime example of the strange degeneration that is affecting dragonkind (the species seems to be in decline, with fewer hatching and those that do seem unable to reach the heights of power that dragons once did). Flightless, stunted in growth and lacking any magic ability beyond their icy breath and very low level wind element techniques, other dragons look at them as a joke at best, an aberration of the species to be killed on sight at worst.  Though they could never be described as being particularly highbrow, Kaldur are not stupid. They understood their plight and this has led them to live in well structured social groups, all looking out for one another and are very placid amongst their own, well able to get along without any infighting. To other species however they are dangerous, efficient predators. Strangely they do not reciprocate the disdain offered them by other dragons and though they have learned to fear the other more powerful bloodlines they also look up to them, almost venerating them in an odd, Stokholm-Syndrome kind of way.  With the rise of humanity and their conquest of even the Kaldur's freezing, inhospitable territories across the World's Spine mountains forming the kingdom of Tenra, the dragons came to an unusual decision. Instead of fighting a battle they realised would never end against such a fast breeding and adaptable species, the Kaldur instead came to the humans and offered their friendship. Over the countless generations since the bargain was made this has proved a profitable venture for both the Tenrans and the Kaldur, though this has earned them ever greater animosity from the vast majority of their kindred. : dragon, daemonslayers, bloodlines, snow, ice, cold, drake, original species Dragon Bloodlines - Maloch  A black dragon of the Maloch bloodline, as denoted by the short head, sweeping horns and shadowy appearance. Often referred to as wraith dragons since they're very much with the 'silent predator' thing and don't much like to be seen.  Goache and ink. Dire Wolf  Media: brush pen, digital colour. Species:  Dire Wolf (more info)    Dire wolves are also known as 'wolflords', since some legends whispered by travellers at flickering firesides suggest they are lords over normal wolves, created by Vahal, the god of the hunt, to lead them. There have been sightings of them in amongst other species of wolves, but these are anecdotal tales at best, from survivors who had been scared so witless their accounts cannot be taken too seriously. However, it is easy to see why they have this name though as they are easily distinguished from their less supernatural kin. They are very large, almost the size of a small horse, with fur so dark they stand as one with the shadows, only their red eyes marking their presence. Their fangs and claws are more pronounced than a normal wolf's and when they reach maturity many individuals will sprout a crown of horns which continue to grow as they age. Their eyes are very sensitive to light and cannot stand sunlight. Even with heavy cloud cover, full daylight is hard for them to bear. As such dire wolves are almost exclusively nocturnal.  Dire wolves are heavy and built for strength and power but not speed. They are easily outrun by all but the most ponderous of prey but what dire wolves lack in speed they more than make up for in stamina and single-minded pursuit. Prey is simply chased until it either makes a deadly mistake or runs itself into the ground.  They are relentless, cunning hunters living either alone or in very small packs of five individuals at the most. They are often confused with hellbeasts (and it is likely some of their reputation for bloody, senseless slaughter may have been falsely attributed to them when in fact a hellbeast was responsible) but they are not daemons. Some magic does however run in their blood, showing in the red balefire glow of their eyes, and their enhanced intelligence. Legends suggest they may be able to speak, or at least understand language, but there is no solid evidence of this. Some dire wolves may also sport unusual markings that start to glow as they close in for the kill. Then there are the tales of vengeful dire wolves that hunt down and kill those who have slain their kin, sometimes stalking them for years, seen only as a fleeting shadow at the corner of their quarry's vision, waiting for them to venture out into the wilds alone... : daemonslayers, project, oc, original species, creature, tymaera, worldbuilding, dire wolf, wolf, dire, black, horned, red eyes, teeth, roar, snarl, digital, colour, head, face, mouth
Warhound  Species:  Warhound   Created through a breeding experiment commissioned by the Emperor himself, the Warhound is an invaluable addition to the ranks of the Imperial army. Huge, powerful, unrelenting and apparently immune to pain, they make perfect, obedient soldiers. Click link above for more info... : daemonslayers, project, oc, original species, creature, tymaera, worldbuilding, warhound, dog, hound, animal, beast, canine Half-Dragon  Media: Digital Species:  Half dragons  (Human/dragon half breeds.)  Some dragons, well versed in magic, learn the ability to shapeshift. For whatever reasons – perhaps curiosity, intelligence gathering (be it for malignant or benevolent purposes) or to hide from persecution – some dragons chose to masquerade as humans or members of another sentient race (possibly one of the half-beast races, but never elves since through their magical nature they can sense one that does not belong amongst their number). Sometimes for extended periods of time running into years. Occasionally these 'hidden dragons' become involved with the opposite sex, often with their partner being unaware of their nature, and the offspring of this strange union is a half dragon. : daemonslayers, project, oc, original species, creature, tymaera, worldbuilding, half dragon, anthro, human, hybrid, red, wings, demonic, dragonkin harpy  Media: Pen and ink : harpy, pen, ink, female, feathered, wings, anthro, hybrid, bird
Chimera  Chimera are dangerous, unpredictable and certainly don't make good pets. Thankfully they are rare, found in areas with high concentrations of wild magic.