Bestiary - part2

Daemons and the Dead: daemons, chaos demons, the Undead and otherworldly entities.
Chaos Demons - Nadath  Class: Lesser chaos demon It is thought the race of lesser demons known as the Nadath are descended from the remains of the ranwulf tribes that inhabited the region now known as the Ruined Land before the Dreaming Gate opened. When the Nine Gates opened and the Dreaming Gate spewed forth the raw stuff of chaos these untamed magical energies ravaged Caevalonia's southern lands, destroying almost everything and leaving whatever survived altered and twisted into dark beings that share the chaos realm's inhabitants' hatred for Tymaera's rightful inhabitants and the chaos demon's envy for their being given the right to exist which they were denied.  The nadath are lesser demons, mortal and possessed of no magical abilities though they are intelligent and possess reason. They make good pawns in battle, but the use to which greater demons mainly put them is as scouts, trackers, hunters and spies - tasks which their ranwulf ancestors would have been well suited for and at which the nadath excel. Lesser Daemon - Hellbeast  Species:  Hell cat. A form of hell beast.  Class: Lesser daemon  Hell beasts are rather like the 'fauna' of the underworlds and live their feeding upon their fellow underworld denizens. They come in all shapes and sizes. Best known are hellcats (pictured) and hell hounds. They can be summoned to the mortal planes by magic users who use them to do their evil bidding. Chaos Demons - Li-Sung  Class: lesser chaos demon The elegant Li-sung are a race of chaos demon rarely found further north than the World's Spine (the chain of mountains consisting of the Dragon Mtns, the Tenra Plateau and the Grey Mtns). They are very shy of being seen and not possessing great physical strength they will never instigate a frontal attack. Instead they stalk thier victim, taking the time to assess their strengths and weaknesses, waiting for their guard to drop. Then they will strike.  Li-sung have a long, needle-sharp retractable tongue with which they will latch on to their victim. Rather like a giant mosquito. They feed on life force - of mortals or even other demons - and rarely drain their victim dry as leaving their prey in a weakened state to recover a little means they can come back for more.  Ideally they feed while their prey sleeps leaving them none the wiser save for a strange puncture mark left by the li-sung's tongue but if they have to they will attack whilst their prey is awake, impaling them to the ground with their long, sharp limbs. Usually they only do this in desperation for a meal and will either drain them dry, or leave them too weak to recover and they die of exposure. This isn't an idea situation for the li-sung as it means they can't come back for more later.  As they are incredibly agile, li-sung prefer difficult, rocky terrain with lots of places to hide like in mountain regions where their dull colour blends well with the surroundings.
Lesser Demon - Kuralex  Species: Kuralex Class: lesser chaos demon As one of the earlier demons to come through the Dreaming Gate and so become corporeal, the kuralex has over time developed into a demonic species in its own right. To think of a kuralex as a fast, scaly carnivorous horse would not leave you far from the truth. They are vicious but not particularly bright and require skilled riders. Though not very hefty, karulexes are fast and so favoured as light cavalry in battle, or as the steeds of scouts and spies. They are immune to fire and such magics. Undead - Wight  Species:  Wight (more info)   Wights are the spirits of great warriors who, for whatever reason, refused to rest in peace when they died and remain bound to their rotting corpses. They are not to be confused with the shambling, slow lesser dead such as zombies and skeletons. Wights possess intelligence, reason and move with a swift and deadly purpose. They are fearsome warriors and only with the utter destruction of their physical form will their spirits be finally forced form the lands of the living. Winter Wolves  Media: Acrylics on A4 mixed media paper late 2015 Species: The Morvarg  The Morvarg. Supernatural wolves of the spirit world: they patrol its shadowy borders, hunting down anything that tries to make it back to the land of the living. They may also act as guards and/or guides to select souls passing through to the afterworlds, which the spirit world is the gateway to. Occasionally they come to the mortal plane to drag away unfortunates whose time is deemed to have come and those who attempt to cheat death. Their bite causes lycanthropy so anyone bitten by one and not dragged off to their realm is doomed to die and rise again as a dire (undead) werewolf. The Morvarg are not truly undead themselves as they were never alive in the first place.  Generally they appear at first glance as large, black wolves with glowing green or red eyes, sometimes with a glowing aura like flames that never burn their host. Very occasionally one may be white. This appearance can change, with their skeleton seeming to show through as a pattern in their fur and, if really riled up, any resemblance to a living creature will vanish and what remains will be a very angry skeleton surrounded by smoke, burning inside with in inner balefire light that sears the soul. They are almost always accompanied by unnatural crows which are an extension of their being, scouting afar for them. : wolves, wolf, dire wolves, morvarg, undead, hunters, black, red, forest, aura, full moon, full body, painting, acrylic, animals, monsters
Lesser Daemon - Ocubeasts   Ocubeasts  Ocubeasts are small, fragile lesser demons usually invisible to the mundane (i.e. anyone of a non-magical nature will not see them). This makes them perfect as spies. Most magic users of a questionable alignment make use of them but also greater daemons emply them as their eyes and ears in the mortal plane, seeing through their eye (ocubeats only have one eye) Lesser Demon - Nadadogs  Species: Nadadogs (lesser demon)  Not all Nadath are born with intellect. In fact, about half of all the demon hounds are little more than vicious animals with supernatural tracking instincts and can't even walk on two legs like their smarter siblings. Their appearances vary, so some look fairly canine, others have horns sprouting where their eyes should be, eyes where they shouldn't be etc. They're chaos demons, what do you expect? : daemonslayers, project, oc, original species, creature, tymaera, worldbuilding, demon, daemon, species, digital, colour, nadadogs, nadath, chaos, evil, green, canine, feral, horned Greater Daemon - Tetreaken  Class: Greater Daemon A figure from Tymaeran mythos, Tetreaken's flesh crawls with every disease and malady imaginable. Where he goes sickness, madness and death follow. But for those brave (i.e. stupid) enough to face him, the tears of his cataract-ridden eyes can cure anything, even death. He is a servant of Amaras the god of disease and decay and came to the Prime Material Plane to spread his blight.
Greater Demon - Eragoren  Character: Eragoren The Red Species:undead demon (previously a red dragon) Class: greater demon. Role: enslaved guardian Eragoren the Red is an accursed beast. He was once a red dragon, fierce and proud but when he destroyed the temple of the god Thorisis and stole the temple's most sacred artefact, the angered god cast down a terrible vengeance upon him, turning him into a tormented demon that may never die. Eragoren now leads an accursed existence and must now spend his eternity guarding the ruins of the temple he destroyed. Walking Blight  Race: Walking Blight (daemon)  The Walking Blight: A spirit of decay that makes crops fail, spreads disease amongst livestock and happily eviscerates any sentient being it might encounter. They possess enough reason to understand and enjoy the misery they bring and also like to clothe themselves in bright colours if they can get their claws on the cloth, that is. Some rural communities, at great expense to themselves but better than losing their harvest, make offerings of silks and dyed fabrics for the beasts to leave their land alone. Sometimes this works but the Blight's aura of decay quickly ruins the clothes, fading the colours and breaking down the fibres into meer tatters so soon they want more. : undead, demon, skeletal, skeleton, black, dark, inner light, orange, fire, light, ribcage, decayed, monster, evil, gothic, horror, daemon, daemonslayers, OC, characters, species, original Daemon - Soul Eater  Media: Digital Species: Dhar'griul 'Soul Eater' (greater daemon) Print availabe:  DeviantArt print account .  The dhar'griul, or soul-eaters as they are known in Common Tongue, are a race of daemon found throughout the Lower Planes that prey upon the immortal essence of any lesser being they can get their claws into, ideally sweetened by their victim's terror. They are aligned to the god of greed and famine. Their hunger is never sated and whilst they enjoy their metaphysical meals, their very favourite flavour is mortal flesh and blood, a rare commodity in the regions they inhabit. As such, if a magic user or dark cleric summons one to the mortal plane, they come quickly and willingly but once here they are all but impossible to control and, if they break free of the summoning spell's control, they will go on the rampage. They're sneaky devils though and, even once they find a weakness in their summoner's supposed control, they will feign compliance, choosing only the most opportune moment to strike... : daemonslayers, project, monster, OC, original species, demon, daemon, soul eater, lion, dragon, hybrid, creature, digital, colour, full body
Dark Manticore  Media: Digital  Species: Dark Manticore  The corruptive magic that seeps from the Dreaming Gate does not just sustain the godless chaos demons that creep through with it. Insidious and unseen, it permeates the land and the creatures that inhabit it, warping them into foul entities that share their demon kindred's tastes for mortal death. Once turned, they are given to wander, spreading the taint of their corruption.  This creature is one of them. Once a manticore that lived in the Southlands, now a hideous aberration that has wandered north of the blighted lands beyond World's Spine. Though there have been many disappearances in its whereabouts the monster's existence is largely dismissed as rumour or mis-attributed to any one of the dangerous creatures that inhabit Caevalonia as no one has had a good look at this creature and lived. For if you are misfortunate enough to see the dark manticore, then it most definitely saw you first... : daemonslayers, project, oc, original species, creature, tymaera, worldbuilding, manticore, gorgon, hybrid, dark manticore, evil, monster, monstrous, digital, colour, eyes, blood, bleeding, black, red Fire Daemon  Media: Digital Species: Fire Daemon  From a comic I'm currently working on. : daemonslayers, demon, daemon, species, fire demon, flames, fire, skeletal, night, comic, monster, project Sepuket  Species:  Sepuket : sepuket, reference, original species, oc, project, tymaera, worldbuilding, creature, undead, skull, face, fur, feral, walking, desert, night, dark
Less Daemon - Tharleseer  Species: Tharleseer (aka 'Gulper daemons').  Click for more info.  Class: Greater Daemon Appears in: 'The Unseen'  The tharleseer, better known as 'Gulper daemons' are a particularly vile species that inhabit certain regions of the Lower Planes where they prey upon any unfortunate being small enough to fit down their sizeable maw. Lesser Demon - Hellbeast  Species:  hell beast  Class: Lesser daemon   Possessed of a bloodthirst that cannot be slaked, the most important thing to remember about hell beasts is to avoid them! Occasionally they find their way to the realms of mortals - usually through being accidentally or purposefully summoned by dark clerics and evil magic users. If their summoner is inexperienced then the beasts can easily wrestle free from any binding spells, tear any living thing in sight to pieces then bound off into the night. It is generally quite easy to find them by following the trail of senseless death - sentient beings preferred - the tricky bit is killing it without becoming another victim first! : daemonslayers, project, oc, original species, creature, tymaera, worldbuilding, hellbeast, monster, demon, daemon, red, cat, feline, animal, savage, standing stones, bones, ribs, death shadowpriest watercolour  Media: Watercolour Species:   N'ir'a'nsha or 'Shadow Priests'  Class: Greater Daemon Appears in: 'Wolf and Raven' Role: Dark clerics. On the mortal plane they take the roles of cardinals and up in the priesthoods of the dark gods.  N'ir'a'nsha are a race of daemons dedicated to serving the dark gods. On rare occassions they will also work with the more powerful of the Daemon Princes such as Ahriman (Izael) but they consider only true deities to be worthy of their devout servitude.  These unwholesome creatures can be found at the rotten heart of almost all of the cults following the dark gods and are sent up from the underworlds to oversee matters on the mortal plane as well as being a kind of 'badge of honour' to show the cult they're taken seriously by their deity. They generally oversee how the organisation is run and perform complex rituals, important sacrifices and torture for information gathering where necessary. They take a particular (and not a little perverse) delight in putting sharp inplements to soft mortal flesh.  Surprisingly they are almost dainty in their mannerims and bearing, ever delicate and meticulous in whatever tasks they undertake. They smell strongly of rot and so often adorn their long, horizontally growing horns with miniature insense bearing censors along with little bells the tinkling of which they find pleasing. If their horns grow too long they have trouble getting through doors.  Despite the above, shadow priests should be taken very seriously. They posses fearsome magical abilities, granted by the powers they serve and can easily summon lesser daemons from their home plane of existance (greater daemons generally require some kind of ritual to be brought up).  Shadow Priests are dreadful creatures to behold, thier emaciated bodies covered in what at first appear as twitching open sores. On close insepction these turn out to be eyes and mouths in all sorts of places where they shouldn't be on any wholesome creatures. Thankfully they generally choose to cover themselves in long dark ceremonial robes however even when covered these extra mouths constantly whisper the name and praises of whatever dark god a parituclar N'ir'a'nsha might serve in a chorus maddening to any observer. On the mortal plane they rarely stray from their shrines and temples unless some kind of pilgramage is called for (in which case they'll generally summon a kuralex to ride). : demon, daemon, monster, original species, daemonslayers, project, oc, shadow priest, evil, dark, skull, undead, magic user, magic, sorcerer
Vampire  Class: Undead  Most vampires merely turn, when about to feed, reveal their hideous true forms. Some however become too far gone and permanently become something else entirely. : vampire, bat, undead Watercolours - shadow rider  Media: Watercolour Species: Dark Rider (demon) Appears in:  "Child of Eidolon" (story)   It's the 'horse' that's the demon really, not the rider. Everyone gets that wrong. : demon, daemonslayers, daemon, horse, rider, dark rider, evil, oc, project