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30.10.2009 - Uhm, whoops. Update missed again. I've fallen a wee bit behind on stuff, essentially due to a lack of time but fear not: working slowly is better than not at all, right? :-D On a similar note, I failed to be at the October MCM Expo because I left the sorting the table a bit late and I don't really have enough new artwork anyway (and I do like to bring new stuff to each Expo!!). Soon as they're available though I'll book a table for next May's one and try and get a good spec this time.

First off, thanks to Rhiannon for emailing me about the error on Soul's bio, I've removed those bits and will fill 'em in again later.

On to the update. There's 4 new pages of 'Wolf and Raven' up (normally it'd be 2, but since i missed the last updates...) and the latest two pages of 'Heritage'. And that's about it for now. The next two pages of Heritage are in progress...

Oh, yeah! Forgot to add... Daemonslayers.COM is mine again! I managed to get it back from those theiving gits at GISOL using snapnames. I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to be hosted by those fraudsters.

18.07.2009 - Right. So. I totally missed June's update and am late with July's. I know. I'm not suffering so much with writer's/artist's block as I am with artist/writer's indecision. With Heritage I know what's going to happen, I just am a little undecided on how best to draw it up... I'll get there though, fear not!

Right, updates. Both 'Heritage' and 'Wolf and Raven' in the comics section have been updated. More art to be found in the gallery too.

10.05.2009 - Well, it's coming up to that time again; the May MCM Expo is just a short distance away and I'm nowhere near ready! As you may have guessed, I will have a table there again and will be selling prints of my dragon art and of course Daemonslayers comics and prints so if you're in London the weekend of 23rd-24th May and find yourself at a loose end, come down to the EXCEL centre and say hi.

In update news, there's a couple new pages of 'Heritage' up.

And exciting news; Alongside the ongoing Heritage I've been working on a 24 page short story all about Shade (since he deserves a bit of the limelight too!). It's called 'Wolf and Raven' and the first two pages are available in the 'comics' section.

The Forum.. ah, yes, the forum. So, what happened was the mySQL database had become corrupted. And then it was overrun by spam bots. And then GISOL, the webhost company, stole my domain name... and then i had the audacity to badmouth them on my site for their fraudulent practices (just do a websearch on Global Internet Solutons and you'll understand). Sooo... the end result is the forum is gone. I've been setting up a new one but hadn't quite managed to make the announcement about it before GISOL pulled the plug. So the forum is dead. Er, long live the forum? There's a new one but I couldn't migrate the old database so everything has been lost :(

18.04.2009 - As you may have noticed, it's been rather a long time between updates. Unfortunately something not-that-great happened in my personal life and I had to take an extended time out to deal with the fallout. Alas I don't have a great deal of new work to show for that time but I am beginning to get back 'on track' so fear not!

If you're that avid a follower of the gallery, you'll notice I've put up a couple of new pictures and added to the species section. As for the rest there are the next few pages of 'Heritage' up. I also finally got a new character bio added for Nresha along with a profile picture.

On a less interesting note, I also fixed the menu bar links on the character bios (whoops, they were still pointing to this site's old address).

22.11.2008 - Well folks, the London MCM Expo was awesome - I sold out of a whole load of stuff. Result! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to pick up prints, comics or even just to say hello. I had a blast :-) Since then I've been bloody busy and falling behind on things, not least thanks to the car crash I had (not my fault) a couple weeks ago.. not a major one but it's been hassle sorting my vehicle out along with playing musical hire cars. Anyway, enough with my wibblings about the annoyances of day-to-day life.

The next few pages of 'Heritage' are up. For anyone interested I've a few copies of Chapters1-3 left over from the MCMExpo so if you want 'em, drop me an email... £2.95 each, 2 for £5.00 or all 3 for £7.00
Also there's more creatures added to the Bestiary on the Tymaera page, and more art in the gallery.

16.10.2008 - As previously mentioned, I'll be selling art prints and comics at the October MCM Expo on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th October. If you happen to be in the London area I'd recommend it - 'tis a pretty big show with something for everyone.
In other news, there's a few new pictures in the gallery, here and there. And the first two pages of Heritage Chapter 4 are up.

14.09.2008 - The final two pages of Chapter 3 of 'Heritage' are up. And there is some awesome new guest art in the guest gallery.

This summer's been a bit crazy and I've not really had time to get much else done. Still, good news is I'm several pages into chapter 4 ... but need to find that elusive thing called 'time' to get the lettering done. I'm getting a lot of queries as to the availability of 'Heritage' in print, which is nice. Good news is yes, it is available (It's hand-printed so is availabe on demand). Bad news is I haven't set up a proper system for getting it yet - I need to sort out some Paypal buttons and a 'store' page. Again, not had time to do that yet. I'll be at the October MCM Expo so you can buy it from me direct there. I'll try and sort out something for online purchases soon as I can.

13.08.2008 - Due to issues with my previous webhost, GISOL, I've had to uproot the site and move it from to Why? Because GISOL are a bunch of sneaky, underhanded crooks who lie through their teeth to you over the phone, change the story halfway through the convesation (when they've telephoned you at 2 o'clock in the morning GMT knowing full well I am based in the UK!... even worse I was in Greece at the time so it was 4am). Essentially they have changed the WHOIS source proclaiming themselves the owners of my domain name - it's not just me, it's all their unfortunate customers - and refuse to allow me to transfer it my new hosting package. To be honest, I got off lightly... other customers have been defrauded large sums of money by GISOL.

I'm not prepared to waste any more time or money on them and have moved to an excellent hosting company, and to this new domain name. The final thing still needing to be moved is the forum, which I will attend to shortly.

ACTUAL UPDATE: ok, moaning out of the way. New this update we have some more pages of Heritage, and a functioning, complete gallery!

30.06.2008 - Bah. The gallery is broken again. It should be fine for visitors but something has become corrupted at the Admin end, meaning I can't upload any new pictures... so it looks like there's another re-install on its way. The data's backed up this time XD but we'll have to see how importing it goes.

Better news, the next few pages of Heritage are up.

In even better news I will have a dealer table at the London Film and Comic Con 19th-20th July in Earl's Court selling prints and of course some copies of Heritage. Should be fun! :-)

17.06.2008 - Uhm, whoops. I just realised I had in fact not added pages 57-60! Well, I did but then uploaded the wrong version of the page files. Fixed now. The next bunch of pages are just being lettered too.

The MCM Expo was a huge success - even the one-off 'Heritage Book 1' super-short print run sold out! A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by my table to say hello :-) I've just a few copies left of chapters 1 and 2 (or issues 1 and 2, depending what terminology you prefer for your comics) so if you want one give us a shout..

19.05.2008 - Pages 57-60 of Heritage are now up. Also more art up in the gallery. For those around London next weekend (24-25th May) I've a table at the MCM Expo and will be selling art prints and chapters 1 and 2 of Heritage. I'd have copies of the Unseen too, except I still need to get a cover done XD

27.04.2008 - More pictures in gallery, pages 54 to 56 of Heritage have been added (that's three this month, woo! Actually, it would be more but the lettering still needs doing). Also added some new creatures to the World section.

Exciting news... On Wednesday this week I was very happy to be interviewed on the Daemonslayers stories hosted on Web Comics Nation ( which has an up and coming merger with Once they've merged they'll be having featured comics of the day and I'm excited to say Daemonslayers is to be one of the first chosen for the honour. I'll keep you posted on when that'll happen.

I'll avoid boring you with the exhaustive and turgid details of the rest of the update since it mainly involves re-writing some sections of the site and fixing bits here and there.

30.03.2008 - We've been continuing with the theme of adding more pictures to the gallery this month. Still not everything has been restored but will be, eventually.

It's been a pretty busy month and not everything I'd hoped for is done, but some progress has been made. Namely pages 52 and 53 of 'Heritage' are now up. The FAQ (in the 'Info' section) has been updated too. The next chapter of 'Feed the Gods' is halfway done... I just need some time to sit and write to get the rest finished there. Soon my pretties, soon.

24.02.2008 - The gallery is slowly but surely getting back online. There's a lot more art needed to be reuploaded but we'll get there. Lots of updating going on elsewhere on the site too:
There's a new chapter added for 'Feed the Gods' on the stories page.
Pages 50 and 51 of 'Heritage' are now up.
Various additional information added to the section on the Daemonslayers' world, Tymaera.

31.12.2007 - First off? Yes, I know there was a problem with the gallery. The mySQL database has corrupted itself and restoring from backup is refusing to work. Grrr. So the whole thing will need to be uploaded from scratch which is going to prove ... annoying. The gallery has now been reinstalled but it will take some time before all the pictures are back online. Thanks for your patience!

In less irksome news, there's a whole 5 pages of Heritage now up! That's the first 5 of Chapter 3. Also there are a whole bunch of new creatures added to the Tymaera section (you can find them through the gallery too).

31.12.2007 - Last update for 2007 since, well, since we're almost out of year! The last three pages of Heritage Chapter 2 are finally complete amd uploaded... now I need to come up with a 'cover' for it. I've just one or two printed copies of Chapter 1 left now (see last update info below) so if you want one you know where to find me.

And that's it for this year.

15.12.2007 - Wahey, update time already!

The next two pages of 'Heritage' are up (that's pages 40 and 41). Only 3 pages left for this chapter now. There's a whole 12 new 'not trading cards' in the gallery, numbers 49 to 60.. there'll be more to come too since there's oodles of characters yet to be done.. As always there's some other new pictures in the gallery.

I was hoping to have a more comprehensive (i.e. any) list of Tymaeran deities ready for this update but, eh, it's still in progress. Speaking of this 'progress' thing... I haven't forgotten 'Feed the Gods' - I've about 50000 words at least done of the rest of the story... just they're not all from consecutive parts so I need to string 'em together. It's probably 'wrong', but that's just the way I work.

By the way... I have a couple of printed copies left of Heritage chapter 1. £2.50 inc postage (UK only. For international it's £2.00 excluding postage which will be whatever the shipping rate is). If you want one then drop me an email.

10.11.2007 - This update's been a bit slow thanks to a busted power supply on my computer. But we're up and running again now!

For today's update I'm happy to say there's an entire new tale, 'Contagion' on the Stories page, the next two pages of the 'Heritage' comic are also up, with more on the way.

There's more art too :D They have yet to be coloured, but the b/w of NTCs (Not Trading Cards #49 to #60) in the sketches bit plus new pictures in the Character Art area.

As always feedback is most welcome, as is content if anyone wants to contribute! In other news, there is a problem with the forum - there's a broken table in the database which I can't fix and, well, it sort of works but there are random error messages cropping up and the main page says the last time anything was updated was 15th Sept, which ain't true. Not sure what I can do - I've tried fixing the table but the database doesn't want to know. Hm.

27.09.2007 - Back to business... As always there is new art in the gallery. There's also an entire 5 whole new pages of 'Heritage' in the comics section - sorry it took so long to get 'em lettered. I've also been working on the next chapter of 'Feed the Gods', but it's not ready yet... just in case you thought I'd forgotten about the story section.

Other news: Dragon*Con went fabulously. Nearly broke even (given we flew over from the UK that says a lot) and even almost sold out of 'Heritage: Chapter 1' (yes, it's available in print! I've a couple of copies left if anyone's interested). Met some awesome folk at the Art Show and will subsequently be updating the Links section just as soon as I find the book I put all the business cards I got in (it got unpacked somewhere...).

26.08.2007 - "Oi! Where's the updates?" I hear you cry. Yes, sorry I've been on a bit of a hiatus this month. Why? Because I've been getting my act together for the Dragon*con 2007 Art Show, which I will be attending this year! ... so if you happen to be in Atlanta next weekend, stop by! The Show runs 1st-4th September and I've a table (no. BT7) at the art show and a display booth there.

01.06.2007 - Fixed the broken link to 'Far From Home' on the stories page (thanks to DeathWing-Nirvash for pointing that out). Added the latest page of 'Heritage' to the comics section. More art in the gallery.

27.05.2007 - Improved on the Comics page, fixed those bizarre gaps on the Characters page, uploaded some guest art, added info on bloodlines to the Dragons page int the World section. Added some new links.

19.05.2007 - Just upgraded the php gallery and nuked all the spam. Somehow it managed to upload itself into the wrong folder so all the links to it have now been updated... if you find one that goes to the wrong place, do give us a holler via email or the forum.

14.05.2007 - More artwork including a whole 12 more 'not trading cards', more comic and some more stuff on Tymaera. That's all for now!

15.04.2007 - Apologies for the hiatus. I've been busy with that tiresome thing they call Real Life! Anyway, here's the new update:

Chapter 2 of 'Heritage' has begun with a great big Nine pages. And as usual there's new art in the gallery. Also, at last, Soul's bio is up. Wooo! It's a bit sketchy but it's a start. There's also some new links featuring the various resources I've been using to help make this site and the things on it (the comics in particular) - I hope you guys find them as helpful as I have.

04.03.2007 - Biiig update. Entire site overhauled with a new template. Also the gallery is now under the influence of PHP meaning you can comment and rate images to your heart's content... but more importantly it means no more broken picture links due to poor site management on my part.

However, with this big change comes the very plausible chance that there's broken things somewhere. So if you happen across anything that doesn't work please don't be shy to give me a yell via email (drakhen at necrodragon dott come) or drop by the forum.

Besides the change of look, there's also new stuff added.. in the gallery and comic page mostly. Next job is to update bios, finish writing on stories and add more written material to site :-D

01.02.2007 - Just a quick note... Been hanging fire on updates lately due to issues with the site provider. This all appears to have been sorted out now thanks to various angry emails on my part and Daemonslayers is now set up on a new account with unlimited space and bandwidth. It's nice to have room to breathe... It may be a little while longer before I update. Firstly because I've been working on getting the comics up on various webcomic hosting sites. Also because I wish to redesign the gallery and try and make it a PHP one - much like over on First though I need to find a suitable setup to use.

BIG NB:Far as I can tell I didn't cock up the data transfer between accounts, but if you see something that doesn't work please email me so I can fix it!

31.12.2006 - Just in time for the new year!! "The Unseen" is now available in its entirety on the Comics Page. Also Heritage continues...

There is also new art for your perusal in the Main gallery, the Sketch gallery and the Guest gallery.

12.11.2006 - Large update.. The entire Characters page is FINALLY redone, with miniature portraits and comprehensive mini-bios for everyone! So for the characters who haven't got full bios yet you can at least find out who they are and what they look like. Huge job too long coming! The remaining character portraits will be done in the near future, along with the addition of a 'supporting cast' list and the addition of a few characters who are actually still missing off it.

The Guest Art page has been updated, along with the main gallery page. Another six Not-Trading cards have been added as well. The Forum has been updated with the latest version of PHPBB and has new members for you to play with.. Heritage will be updated next time - I need to redraw one of the pages because I'm not happy with it.

01.11.2006 - The story continues in Heritage with four brand new pages. New art in the Gallery, Sketchbook and Guest Art pages.

04.08.2006 - New stuff: A new comic has been added at last!. Plus a load more additions to the main gallery. Also scrapped the chatbox because the adverts were stupid and kept crashing browsers. Other things are afoot, but not quite ready to upload yet... Contest: Winners have now been announced and the drawing of prizes is still underway!

01.07.2006 - Apologies for the hiatus. I've got carpal tunnel *and* RSI in my right wrist so have been resting up. Plus I moved house.

New stuff: Six more not-trading cards have been added to the relevant gallery. There is some fabulous new guest artwork plus more additions to the main gallery.

Contest: Winners have now been announced and the drawing of prizes is underway!

10.04.2006 - The contest is now closed, awaiting judging. There are two new areas in the Artwork section: one for contest entries, the other for Daemonslayers Not-Trading Cards (go visit and all will become clear). Also new artwork in Concepts and Sketches and in the Main Gallery. The Links page has been updated and there are new sections in the forum if you're feeling like joinging in some fun activities!
Finally (i.e. at long bloodly last!) another chapter of "Feed the Gods" has been uploaded to the stories page, and I've another chapter almost complete for next update. The search engine has also been rebuilt to include all the latest additions to the site.

19.02.2006 - There's been so many updates I've totally lost track of what I've changed this time around. There's a whole pile of new art in the gallery, together with a new special gallery for the contest currently running (and for any that may be yet to come). Lots of changes have been made here and there - just have a wander.

Special Announcement!
The contest is still running. The deadline's been extended until 1st March 2006, so there's still time to get an entry in if you're so inclined.

Full rules can be found here -

08.01.2006 - Apologies for the hiatus since October - we should be getting back to more regular updates from now on. For this update there's plenty of new artwork in the gallery. A separate gallery has been created for sketches. Slight update to Shade and Blackjack's bios'. More forms of demon have been added to the Tymaera page.
Special Announcement!
A contest is currently being held! The prizes are free artwork commissions and the bonus prize is a Wacom Graphire tablet! The theme is interaction - draw a Daemonslayers character either interacting with one of your own creation, or another of the DS lot! Deadline is 10th February.

Full rules can be found here -

23.10.2005 - As you may have noticed, has been 'shopping' at Scripts have been added, both to make tha site pretty and to protect its contents. This is due to there being some individuals out there who have been getting 'right-click happy' and helping themselves to the site's contents, despite the copyright notification on each page and the fact that no, no part of this site, images or otherwise, are to be used anywhere else online!. I've also added further copyright info on the 'search/contact' page. I've also altered the presentation of full-sized images in the gallery - they now open on their very own pages rather than just the image by itself - this is mostly because I think they all look better against a black background :-P

In other news: some more images have been added to the gallery. I'm hoping to get more site content added soon.

18.09.2005 - More new artwork plus added a 'demons and beasts' bit to the gallery. Part 3 of Feed the Gods is up. A couple more demon species and the tale of Madrukh the Silver and Nihilerax the Black (dragons) have been added to the Tymaera page

17.08.2005 - So that page layout didn't last long... as you will have noticed the main page has been overhauled, and now hopefully is much less awkward and more pleasing to the eye. A guestbook has been added along with a handy search function - I will keep the search database updated to ensure it's actually useful. Part 2 of Feed the Gods is up, along with a drabble by Innerbrat. And as usual, there's new artwork in the gallery. A new (full-length this time) comic has been started (title still to be decided) and hopefully the first page(s) will be ready for upload in the not too distant future.

21.06.2005 - Wow, this is almost turning into a regular monthly update thing...Remind me to endeavour not to be so sadly predictable. Anyway, on with the update. Part 1 of 'Feed the Gods' is finally up. There are four new pictures in the gallery plus an ace picture by the talented Azirik over in the guest art section.

20.06.2005 - Finally! Updated the comics page with a 9 page story entitled 'A Brief Introduction to the Slaying of Daemons'. It was drawn over the course of several months and then sat and waited seemingly forever until the lettering was finally done. I may or may not colour it - suggestions either way most welcome on that. Several new pictures in the gallery. Updated the 'Overview' page a bit - nothing extra, just rewrote some of it since the information there was outdated in places by several years.

21.05.2005 - New layout for the main page (like you hadn't noticed?). I think it shows off the artwork a bit more than those cruddy transformation gifs did. I've gone through and tidied the site. Although I liked the iframes in the old design and it looked great in IE, looked crap in Mozilla which wasn't so good. I've also discovered the joys of templates... Do tell me if you spot anything that doesn't work. And remember: don't be afraid to use the chatterbox :D. I will update with new material soon.

The new stuff - new pictures in gallery (inc. guest gallery) plus new story in stories section.

09.04.2005 - Been working on the Tymaera page. There is now information on dire unicorns (like Knightmare), ghasts (a demon-type), zombies and skeletons, lycanthropes and werefolk. Made some additions to Blackjack's bio. Also added bio's for The Panther, Knightmare and Tiamat.

13.03.2005 - The conclusion of 'Descent' is now up, plus a short story 'Far From Home' and a super short story 'Idle Tale'. Also four new pictures in the gallery.
Don't be scared to say hi over at the forum or using the chatterbox on the left, btw :D Haven't finished that comic yet - maybe next update.

04.03.2005 - Added Ahri's bio, new art (and guest art!) in gallery, new random page in comics section, Done something with links page but I can't remember what. Also added information on Uth Necros to the Tymaera page. The final part of 'Descent' plus a new story are written, but they need to be typed up so you can hopefully expect them and the start of a multi-page comic next update, laziness and procrastination notwithstanding.

17.02.2005 - Tiny little update. Playing with the main page layout. Please excuse the crude animated gifs, I'll try to come up with something better. And look! A shoutbox! (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist).

28.01.2005 - Added new bios for the assassin Catsulek and the evil dracosvulf Maim. Added the prologue, part 1 and 2 of a new story, 'Descent', updated gallery with new pictures. Updated links page a little and added some new banners.

02.01.2005 - New pictures in gallery (and more character art :P) and some gift art :D. Uploaded bio's for Katlinia, Mad Jakkle and Lady Pscion. Added Uth Sarthan to the Tymaera page and Thrax Morthrul to the Legendary Dragons bit.

18.12.2004 - Just a little update this time: more pictures in gallery and a small update on the Tymaera page, including information on the demon stronghold Khisan. Added link to a new story by Netpoet22 that features Black'. This'll be the last you hear off me before Christmas 'cos I'm jetting off to Canada tomorrow so have a good one y'all.

30.11.2004 - New pictures in gallery, including the beginnings of a long stream of character art. Finally uploaded a new 5-part story; 'Child of Eidolon' - feedback most welcome on it! Still working on the comic.

23.10.2004 - The old forum is dead and gone, replaced by a new and better one shared with Do check it out. Added a fair bit to the Dragons section on the Tymaera page. Dotted a few new graphics here and there. Reset counter in the hopes of getting it working again. Updated Gallery as well. Oh, and I failed miserably to get those new stories up. Will be done with them soon (you can't hurry perfection, you know). Have fun.

17.08.2004 - Added to gallery, links, Tymaera and Comics pages. More stories to come very soon (i.e. once I'm done with the spell checker).

04.07.2004 - Updated galleries, links page and entrance page (ok, the last was a while ago but I'll still include it. More on the way in the not-too-distant future. Fixed the hit-counter.

06.06.2004 - Links page up. Hopefully 'characters' page will stop being silly now too.

04.06.2004 - Open! About bloody time, too. There's stuff that still needs doing, but everything should work to some extent. So enjoy the cobbled-togetherness that is Suggestions, issues, comments etc very welcome at the Forum. I really would like to hear what ya'll think to give me an indication whether I'm doing this right... I am also open to suggestions for an entrance graphic for the index page.

22.05.2004 - Lookit! The DS have a site all to themselves now. Bet none of them'll appreciate it though, the malcontents. Actually, you couldn't have 'lookit'd even if you wanted to 'cos the site wasn't open... Hm, need to reset that counter (currently showing ShadowsDark's count