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Not to be confused with lycanthropes, though there are werefolk who transform partially into wolves. Unlike lycanthropes weredom cannot be passed on through a bite. Werefolk are also vulnerable to all forms of weapon. Werefolk also totally retain all human faculties in their wereform: they are not monsters despite being much maligned as such by those who do not understand them.

Weres are individuals who can, at will, transform into another animal. i.e. they are shape-shifters. However, they can only transform into one other creature, eg. werepanthers can only transform from human to panther, wererats can only turn into rats etc. and the transformation is complete: they remain either entirely human or entirely animal -no werefolk may acheive a 'halfway' balance. The way every were transforms is different - some change quickly, others slowly - it depends on the individual.

Werefolk are thought to be a form of wyrd as it is a condition which affects only humans. It is also hereditary. They are also known as Animagi since they can communicate with normal members of their werespecies.

As a rule they have complete contol over when they transform though under stress and duress, especially in a 'fight or flight situation' it is common for their instinctive animal nature to come to the fore.


Average Statistics
Diet: omnivourous, though depends on their were-half
Alignment (if any): neutral. Depends on individual