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A mysterious, rarely seen race descended from dragons. They are basically humanoid, short-necked dragons of heights ranging from 5' to 6'. Unlike dragons, dakrons do not vary hugely in colour and appearance; they are all leathery-skinned, with their skin being a very dark, purplish midnight blue with a silver-grey underbelly and green-membraned wings. Their hair - actually formed of very long, fine scales - can range from black to light grey and runs all along their spines from the crown of their heads. From the backs of their heads grow two long horns curving backwards which lengthen with age. Their tails are the same length as their height.

If they train, dakrons can become very strong and make for good fighters and they also have the natural ability of being able to breathe out a cloud of irritant gas when pressed. But instead they much prefer more scholarly pursuits. The race is naturally adept at the mystic arts and almost all dakrons can wield magic and are self-taught.

Dakrons are long-lived, having about the same life-span of elves. They like to be left in peace, mostly away from settlements, and it is rare to find more than one dakron in the same place. It's not that they are unfriendly, its just that they much prefer to be left to their own devices, although it is rumoured that there is a female dakron serving the Caevalonian human Emporer as an advisor to the Council of Mages. Another more 'sociable' dakron is one known as Hawkwind: an alchemist and Master Poisoner assassin.


Average Statistics
Diet: omnivourous
Alignment (if any): neutral
Life expectancy: 200-300years