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Legendary Dragons : Winterheart - The False Goddess


Quite possibly the most evil and feared dragon ever to have existed on Tymaera, Winterheart's name is spoken as if it were a curse even by the gods.

An ancient beast even in the Age of Immortals, she followed the lesser deity Laythren, god of Vices. Until her own arrogance led her to think she could do a better job. She challenged Laythren to battle and won. Defeated he pleaded for mercy but, true to what her name suggests, Winterheart knew nothing of mercy. She slew him and claimed his status and godhood for her own.

The other gods were furious at this mortal's behaviour and refused to acknowledge her Ascension. Moreover, they demanded of the Patron of Dragons, the demi-god Kalganos, that she be punished. Privately rather pleased with Winterheart's actions, he was lenient compared to their demands...
The 'False Goddess', as she became known, is cursed to sleep only awakening briefly once every ten thousand years when her ragged shadow will cover the land and her dreams of destruction become terrible reality.

Type of Dragon : mix - black and red heritage.
Class : Orphic-Exalted
Alignment : chaotic evil
Whereabouts: Entrapped beneath a frozen river of souls on a Lower Plane.


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