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Legendary Dragons : Thrax Morthrul


Years after the Separation of the Elven races, the Solaris (the High Elves) still maintained their rule over the fabulous fortress-city of Uth Sarthan. But they became greedy and haughty and in their decadence imposed heavy taxes on all goods that came up from the south through the trading route their fortress protected. But greed drove other peoples too and a great hoard of barbarians, both human and ranwulf from the plains of the Tenra plataeu behind Uth Sarthan attacked the city seeking to plunder its wealth. The better trained and better equipped elves won though, and the barbarians retired to lick their wounds. But one particular chieftain had the bright idea to forge an unholy alliance with an awful dragon who was known to terrorise that region. Motivated by greed, Thrax Morthrul agreed to ally with the barbarians (although secretly he had no intention of sharing the elves' bounty and planned to destroy his allies once the city fell.

The timing though was unfortunate for just as Thrax was attacking the city a great earthquake occurred, opening a ravine beneath the city into which all of Uth Sarthan, its people and the dragon fell. This earthquake was caused by the opening of the Nine Gates, brought about through a chain reaction caused by the first demon incursion into Tymaera through the Dreaming Gate in the lands far to the south. The fissure in the earth closed up, trapping the dragon who was the soul survivor of the calamity.

Now Thrax Morthrul jealously guards the ruins of the city, and his hoard formed of the countless treasures it once contained. Occasionally treasure-hunters find ways through the labyrinthine caves beneath the mountains to find the city, but all they encounter there is death at Thrax's jaws. But more than just guardian of Uth Sarthan, Thrax Morthrul is custodian of the Shadow Gate, which leads into the Lower Planes. Not only does he stop foolish mortals from entering the Gate, he is also the world's defence against any of the creeping horrors that try to come out of it. It keeps him occupied..

Type of Dragon : Blue-black
Class : Ancient Dragon
Alignment : Evil
Whereabouts: In the ruined city of Uth Sarthan that was swallowed by the earth and now lies far below the Grey Mountains.

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