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Legendary Dragons : Nightfang


On Tymaera stone circles are sometimes used to keep things in... In this case the evil dragon Nightfang. Before the days of even the Old Empire he terrorised the population of the great plains in the north eastern part of Caevalonia.

Unable to take any more, the disparate nomadic tribes banded together. At dusk on the winter solstice their shamans and magic-workers gathered about a sacred stone and summonded the dragon, using his true name (dragons have three names. Their true name is kept secret as it can give power over the dragon) to bind him from harming them, whilst they cast an enchantment, creating a gate to another world within the circle they stood in. Nightfang was drawn through it and imprisoned on one of the lower planes, ridding the tribes of his terror. But the magic was not without its cost and the magic-workers were turned to stone, forming the circle as eternal guardians about the gateway.

It is said that, at each solstice, the dragon is briefly released from the underworld and appears at dusk in the circle in the hopes of tricking a foolhardy mortal into pushing over even just one of the stones to break the circle and release him.

Type of Dragon : black.
Class : Elder Dragon
Alignment : evil
Whereabouts: Imprisoned on unknown Lower Plane.

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