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Legendary Dragons : Dawnbringer (T'singsagroth)


Dawnbringer. Legendary as one of Kalganos's first 'children'. Tsingsagroth was the first goldren dragon. To start with, legend had it that the first twelve dragons were of no colour and only earned their colouration through their actions. They then passed their colour on to their offspring and so the different colours of dragons were created..

Legend has it that, during the stuggles of the gods in the Age of Immortals, the dark gods banded together behind the God of Dusk and sealed the sky with eternal twilight, Six of the twelve first dragons did not care, but the other six did. The strongest of them flew up to touch the sky and, with his great claws, tore the veil of dusk, sundering night and bringing light to the world once more. As the sunlight streamed through it's rays touched his scales making them shine like gold. And so the first goldren dragon came to be.

Type of Dragon : Gold
Class : Orphic-Exalted Dragon
Alignment : Good
Whereabouts: Belived to have left the Prime Material Plane.

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