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Species Description:
Hellbeast. Nightmares are a horse-like demon. They appear at first as ordinary, tame magnificent steeds that normal folk cannot resist trying to catch and ride. The nightmare will allow itself to be mounted but never bridled. Once it has a rider the nightmare will run, carrying the victim into danger, such as into quicksand or into the lair of a beast, or into a lonely place where the ‘horse’ reveals its true nature and will turn upon its rider, eating them and consuming their soul.
Nightmares originally came into Tymaera from the lower planes and are held in the sway of dark gods, so that some of them will carry their unfortunate victim through a gateway into the lower planes where their soul shall forever remain. Nightmares that still belong to a god always have saddles and bridles decorated with beautiful jewels.
In their true forms nightmares appear as huge black horses, powerfully muscled yet emaciated so that their ribs and bones stick out at joints and along their spines. Their manes and tails are of a fire that does not burn. In these flames can be seen the faces of their victims’ trapped souls. The only way to free these souls is to destroy the nightmare by shoeing it with silver.


Average Statistics
Diet: must steal souls to exist on the Prime Material Plane.
Life expectancy: ageless
Solitary/Group (number): solitary