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nadath info
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It is thought the race of lesser demons known as the Nadath are descended from the remains of the ranwulf tribes that inhabited the region now known as the Ruined Land before the Dreaming Gate opened. When the Nine Gates opened and the Dreaming Gate spewed forth the raw stuff of chaos these untamed magical energies ravaged Caevalonia's southern lands, destroying almost everything and leaving whatever survived altered and twisted into dark beings that share the chaos realm's inhabitants' hatred for Tymaera's rightful inhabitants and the chaos demon's envy for their being given the right to exist which they were denied.

The nadath are lesser demons, mortal and possessed of no magical abilities though they are intelligent and possess reason. They make good pawns in battle, but the use to which greater demons mainly put them is as scouts, trackers, hunters and spies - tasks which their ranwulf ancestors would have been well suited for and at which the nadath excell.



Average Statistics
Diet: carnivore.
Alignment (if any): evil
Life expectancy: 60-70 winters
Deity: none (chaos demon)