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The elegant Li-sung are a race of chaos demon rarely found further north than the World's Spine (the chain of mountains consisting of the Dragon Mtns, the Tenra Plateau and the Grey Mtns). They are very shy of being seen and not possessing great physical strength they will never instigate a frontal attack. Instead they stalk thier victim, taking the time to assess their strengths and weaknesses, waiting for their guard to drop. Then they will strike.

Li-sung have a long, needle-sharp retractable tongue with which they will latch on to their victim. Rather like a giant mosquito. They feed on life force - of mortals or even other demons - and rarely drain their victim dry as leaving their prey in a weakened state to recover a little means they can come back for more.

Ideally they feed while their prey sleeps leaving them none the wiser save for a strange puncture mark left by the li-sung's tongue but if they have to they will attack whilst their prey is awake, impaling them to the ground with their long, sharp limbs. Usually they only do this in desperation for a meal and will either drain them dry, or leave them too weak to recover and they die of exposure. This isn't an idea situation for the li-sung as it means they can't come back for more later.

As they are incredibly agile, li-sung prefer difficult, rocky terrain with lots of places to hide like in mountain regions where their dull colour blends well with the surroundings.



Average Statistics
Diet: carnivore.
Alignment (if any): evil
Life expectancy: 60-70 winters
Deity: none (chaos demon)