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Species Description:
Lesser Daemons. These are one of the more common forms of daemon that creep up to the Mortal Realms from the lower planes. They are vaguely human in appearance but appear deeply emaciated and very corpse-like, often leading to confusion between them and the Undead. Some scholars believe, due to their human look, ghasts are damned human souls that have been twisted to become daemons. They have two black pits where their eyes should be, as if their eyeballs have been plucked out and they only have nasal cavaties where their noses should be. Thier mouths are frequently lipless, revealing the blackened pointed stumps of their teeth. Ghasts usually appear naked, their bodies asexual and their skin leperous but not necessarily decayed. They will wear clothing such as tattered capes or whatever they pick up from the gutter or from their victims in order to better blend in to creep up on their prey.

Ghasts are found where large numbers of the living gather, especially around Tymaera's larger towns and cities. They will be found preying upon unfortunate souls in the most desolate and downtrodden slums, lurking in dark alleyways and beneath in sewerways and forgotten cellars. It is uncertain exactly how they enter the Prime Material Plane but they are a dangerous pest. They feed upon souls and seem to prefer those of the weak, hopeless, and down-and-out; hence why they chose to lurk in humanity's waste-grounds.

They move with deceptive, lumbering slowness (again, this leads them to be confused with zombies), possibly to lull their victims into a false sense of security for when they chose to attack they are fast, strong, agile and are well able to crawl along walls and ceilings. The only telltale sign of a ghast attack is the victim's eyes will have been plucked out.

It was long thought ghasts are mere mindless soul-suckers but it has recently been observed that they have some limited form of society. It seems, as well as hunting alone, sometimes ghasts will work together and they have also been found to come to the aid of one of their own in trouble. Some specimens have been captured and studied by wizards and it is thought that they also have their own language.


Average Statistics
Diet: the souls of the weak.
Life expectancy: ageless
Solitary/Group (number): solitary or groups of up to a dozen