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Eragoren the Red


Species Description:
Excerpt from the infamous Daemonologica on the once-dragon Eragoren the Red:

Name: Eragoren
Species: undead demon (previously a red dragon). Divine origin.

Dragons, on the whole (for there are exceptions), do not serve or worship the gods of Tymaera their allegiance lying instead with the demigod Kalganos, Father of Dragons. However, they acknowledge the presence of the world's deities, capricious and petty though they can be and respect them and their sacred places. The tales of dragons fool enough to consider themselves above the lore of their kind about respecting the gods are passed from dragon to dragon as a warning not to mess with higher beings.

Eragoren was once a red dragon, proud and fierce. Long before the armies of the Liche King Bel'Sharoth brought their everlasting ruin to the eastern shores of Caevalonia, a prosperous kingdom populated those lands and the people predominantly worshipped the god Thorisis, the deity of wisdom. Their capital, Takaris, a city of gleaming white marble filled with places of study, art and contemplation was built around the great Temple of Thorisis. Until Eragoren and two of his offspring sacked the city. They came suddenly during the night. The brave defenders managed to kill the younger dragons, but by then the heart of the city was in ruins. In anger at the deaths of his young Eragoren struck their precious temple.
He razed it to the ground and stole the most sacred treasure held within; a simple staff of polished yew, entwined by numerous serpentine creatures of gold and black onyx. Atop the staff was an opaque grey crystal, named the Eye of Thorisis -legend had it that the clerics of Thorisis need only gaze into the crystal and whisper a prayer to their god to be shown the answers to any question they might have. Of course, none but the highest of priests were allowed near it! This staff, in a time long forgotten, had been given by the god himself to a chosen prophet to aid humankind against the dracoliche Raven countless years before and the temple built on the site where the miracle occurred.

Eragoren returned to his lair with his prize, planning to allow the wounds he had suffered to heal before beginning a campaign of vengeance against the survivors. However, Thorisis was enraged by the insolence of this dragon and punished him. When Eragoren looked into the Eye of Thorisis he was struck down by the curse: the serpents of the staff became animated and burrowed beneath the dragon's flesh, consuming him from within. The serpents became bound to Eragoren's tormented body, their divine, nature transforming the stricken dragon from mortal into demon.

His soul enslaved now Eragoren was set the eternal task of guarding the Eye of Thorisis within the ruins of the temple he had so spitefully destroyed. He is now a bitter creature of immense evil so it is perhaps fortunate that Eragoren is bound by his curse so that he cannot ever move far enough from the temple to lose sight of it. But should any creature come within sight of the temple they are unlikely to live.


Average Statistics
Diet: carnivore
Life expectancy: n/a
Solitary/Group (number): singular entity