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Species Description:
Not all daemons are corporeal. 'Dreamstealer' is the term applied to a variety of daemons with one trait in kind: they hunt/try to lure and capture/feed on the souls of the living as they sleep.

They are not a well documented class as survivors of their attacks often have little or only hazy recollection of the dreams and nightmares induced by the beasts so they are loosely divided into three subcategories:

These daemons try to tempt the dreamer by offering them their darkest desires as they sleep. In the dream the dreamer knows they are dreaming and will often take the bait. Once ensnared the phantasmagoria feeds upon their soul and if the victim is not awakened they will continue to sleep until the daemon kills them.

Dream Horrors:
Similar to the above except they induce nightmares and catch their victim when they are too frightened to defend themself.

Infernal Manes:
These are the most powerful of the dreamstealers. These creatures are the stuff of nightmare, first ensnaring their victim by luring them with the things they desire. As the demon takes hold the lucid dream becomes a terrible nightmare from which they cannot awaken. Not can anyone in the waking world rouse the dreamer from the supernatural slumber induced. If the dreamer cannot defeat the daemon then their soul is claimed - either consumed by the daemon or dragged back into the hell of the dark god it serves - and their mortal body dies. If the dreamer survives they will awake to find they bear the marks of any struggle that may have occured as they slept.
The reason infernal manes are considered the worst of the dreamstealers is that once they have chosen a victim they will visit them again and again until either they claim their soul as they sleep, or, knowing the nature of the threat and horrible inevitable fate they face, the sufferer goes mad with terror and kills themselves.


Average Statistics
Diet: feed either on souls or life essesnce
Life expectancy: unknown
Solitary/Group (number): solitary