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Dire Unicorns


Species Description:
Demon-twisted. Dire unicorns are one of Shine's creations. When the Demon-Queen invaded the mortal plane she wanted to create battle steeds for the generals of her armies and chose unicorns for the purpose. These creatures were the pinnical of the power of innocence - the gods forbade all mortals, even dragons, from being able to harm them! - She captured many, tortured and twisted them with her magic, corrupted their power until they became the opposite of all a unicorn was. Only a few survived this process. The dire unicorns are creatures of hate and treachery, viscious, flesh-eating and possessed of the power only to destroy.

Each of the dire unicorns is different in appearance. The beast Nahir, owned by the demon Lord Saragoth, is the colour of dried blood, with a mane of blood, a broken an twisted horn and breath of fire. Where his accursed feet tread nothing will grow. Another is Knightmare, black as night and appearing half bred with a dragon. There are others, some still serving the masters Shine had given them, others broken free and wandering the wild places, undoing what their natural unicorn brethren strive to protect.

Some of them possess some memory of the beautiful creatures they once were and find peace in the heart of silent forests (where it is best not to disturb them...) but others remain pure evil amd the world would be a better place without them.


Average Statistics
Diet: carnivorous
Life expectancy: ageless
Solitary/Group (number): solitary