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Demons - Al Katib


They are humanoid reptiles, with long prehensile tails and huge bat-like ears. Their hearing is very good, as they can hear a human breathe mile away.

Inside them, resides the Seed of Evil which can be destroyed when a person defeats them. But with their immense strength, they have defeated many.

They originated from the evil mind of the demon, Saragoth. The first was Turqes, then the population increased. Much of them are 'changed humans', and aren't natural Al Katibs.

Although they live in the demonic dimension, they can still live in the Greater Wilds of Caevalonia. That way, it makes it easier for them to 'haunt' the person they want to change.

They come in different colors such as green, blue and brown. At the tip of their ears, there are about a few hoop earrings. Unfortunately, the entire population has no females, except for males.

Their defense is demon magic.

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