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Species Description:
Once graceful and elegant birds, these have been warped into the malicious creatures now known as razorwings. They are large birds, resembling storks, their scabby plumage is a bronze colour with black tips on their wing feathers. Often their are bald patches on their bodies where feathers have been replaced with scales.

Razorwings can be seen in most regions away from towns and dwelling places. Even after their mutation, razorwings still remain true to the typical traits of their race and always mate for life, so when one razorwing is seen, its partner will always be close by (an important fact to remember if you are fighting one that appears to be alone).

Although not carnivorous, razorwings are highly territorial and they will attack almost anything that enters their territory, not giving up until the invader has been driven out or destroyed. Razorwings have earned their name because their plumage is actually metallic. When they first attack they will hover in the air and, through convulsing particular wing muscle groups, will 'fire' short, sharp wing feathers down at opponents (not the long flight feathers!). Although these are not powerful enough to kill outright, they will damage non-metallic armour and lacerate any exposed skin that they come in contact with. Whilst their targets are distracted by this, the razorwing will make a swoop attack, slashing with their long talons. They prefer to fight from a distance, but if forced to fight at close quarters (or if they think their opponent is sufficiently weakened or incapable of self-defence) then the razorwing will fight and stab with its sharp beak and buffet with its wings which are strong enough to break bones.

Razorwings are not particularly tough and are easy enough to kill with a few well placed blows. But if you don't have a ranged weapon and can't coax them down to fight at close range, then you've got a problem.


Average Statistics
Size:3mtr wingspan
Weight: 40kg
Diet: herbivore - fruits.
Alignment (if any): evil-demonic
Life expectancy: 10 years
Solitary/Group (number): solitary, or groups (6-10)