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Species Description:
A rare large feline-related creature that favours the steamy jungle regions of the Lesser Wilds. They appear to be a bizarre mixture of wyvern and great cat - possible a jaguar judging by their spotted pelts. Their heads, skin and front two sets of legs are all feline, but the sinuous body shape, wings, long neck, hindquarters and tail (which doubles the queta's overall body length) all seem to come from wyverns. On average, queta can grow up to 10ft in body length (excluding tail).

Their favoured habitats for their lairs/roosts are cliffs (found in more mountainous jungle areas or also where there are gorges, canyons, and faults in the rock) or failing that the tallest, largest, most ancient trees will do.

Although they have wings queta cannot actually fly and can only glide short distances such as between trees, or to reach the ground safely from great heights. To make up for this, their six legs make them incredible climbers and this coupled with their flexibility, speed and great agility, easily enables them to chase and catch their prey.

Queta mate for life and are usually found in pairs, apart from when they are raising cubs. They can be ferocious but are generally non-violent by nature (although they are very territorial towards their own kind) and won't attack intelligent taces (e.g. degarii, humans, lizardmen, etc) unlessthey feel threatened or their usual food supply is running low.

The degarii cat-people see the queta as a sacred beast, believing them to be the creations of their deity Marjuna, the Cat Goddess. This might even be true as, if a degarii temple or shrine is threatened, then may queta suddenly appear  from tyhe surrounding jungle to help defend it.

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Average Statistics
Diet: carnivore
Alignment (if any): good-neutral
Life expectancy:
Solitary/Group (number):