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Tales of the Daemonslayers, or featuring the characters, written by Guest Authors


Guest Fiction:
Break From the Norm - by Innerbrat - Even Daemonslayers need a break some time. Unfortunately they're probably not going to get one.

Oasis - by Innerbrat. A drabble (100-word minific) warning you not to disturb Blackjack when he's enjoying a drink.

Blood and Tears - [part 1] [part 2] - by GrimReaper - In the heat of battle, aid comes from a mysterious figure...
Hate Never Sleeps [preview] - by Sekhmet - Finding friends in unexpected places

Mummies Alive Meets CATS [part1] [part2] - by Ruka and Mistoflare - MA/CATS crossover, features Shade and Soul.

Untitled - by Netpoet22 - Short story by the talented Netpoet22, featuring Blackjack