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The tales of the Daemonslayers. In chronological order. There are some 'gaps' where stories are still to be written and what's here barely scratches the surface.

Beauty's Folly
A short story (snippet, really) from Blackjack's past as Bloodbane centred around his involvement in the creation of the accursed Harpy Queen.

Love Now Lost
Another snippet. Brief scene featuring Shade's break-up with his ex, the mercenary Panther.

Endings and Beginnings
Shade is captured by Blackjack's worst enemy, Saragoth but (surprisingly) the arch demon has more than just torture on his mind. The story behind Shade and Blackjack taking their Blood Oath.

*new*Crossing Paths
Short sto
ry. Shade sees Rhaka for the first time since the were-panther tried to have him killed.

Far From Home
Short story. Soul is finding life in the strange and hostile lands of Caevalonia a daunting prospect. Perhaps a new friend could help...

Short story. Takes place quite soon after Meccha joins the guys on Tymaera. She and F'lair have a fall-out and in the aftermath she gets to see a very different side to the normally hostile Blackjack.

Idle Tale
Very short story. Caevalonia's a big, big place and the long journeys can get a bit boring sometimes...

Feed The Gods
[prologue - 'Bending the Rules']
All is not well in the Pantheon of the Gods. Powerful deities are threatening to break the Rules that bind them, an act that will cause suffering amongst more than just mere mortals. The Demigods plan how best to protect their interests through their mortal pawns...
[part 1 - 'Portents...' ]
Divined through blood, an obscure but urgent message sets the Daemonslayers upon an uncertain path.
[part 2 - '...and Omens' ]
Dangers lie close to home as the journey gets off to a forbodeing start.
[part 3 - 'Storm-driven' ]
A terrible storm brings the Daemonslayers to an old friend. Meanwhile, half a continent away, thinga are afoot amongst the servants of the dark goddess Anshu, Mother of Lies.
[part 4 - 'Morning Echoes' ]
Dawn brings an unwelcome finding for Nresha, Anshu's favoured. Half a continent away the Daemonslayers too find the light of the new day shines not so brightly upon them.

[part 5 - 'Empty Miles' ]
Caevalonia's roads are long but not necessarily empty...

[part 6 - 'Echoes' ]
Sometimes shadows of the past do not rest easy.

[part 1]
With Darkclaw in tow, the Daemonslayers chance upon the isolated town of Lekup only to discover no one's home...
[part 2]
It's up to Shade and Soul
to save the day - if they can save themselves first.

A tale of secrets, mistrust, alcohol and vomit...

Child of Eidolon
[part 1 - 'Rescue']
The Daemonslayers come to the rescue of a stricken hunting party under attack by evil Shadow Rider demons. But their good deed drags them into more than they expected...
[part 2 - 'Intrigue']
The Daemonslayers find themselves as reluctant guests at the Royal Court. But it seems there is something rotten in Gerhan.
[part 3 - 'The Hunt']
The hunt for the escaped shadow riders does not go as planned and, even away from the castle, the daemonslayers find they are being inexorably dragged into matters beyond their control.
[part 4 - 'Murder']
Terrible deeds are now afoot. Dark magics are being brought to bare as death stalks the darkened corridors of Castle Aldoc.
[part 5 -'The Changling']
More than just lives are at stake as an evil that should not be tries to cross into the Mortal Plane and Soul and Blackjack find they can't stop it without Shade.

[Prologue - 'A Speedy Getaway']

Straight in with the action. The Daemonslayers and Moorin race to escape a marauding hoard of goblins that Blackjack... upset.
[Part 1 - 'Missing']
They return to Moorin's to face the terrible wrath of... his wife! It transpire's Moorin's daughter has gone missing having toyed with powers far beyond her understanding and it's up to the Daemonslayers to rescue her.
[Part 2 - 'Abaddon']
In search of Crislana, Blackjack and Shade risk their necks by entering the lower plane lorded over by the Daemon King Izael. But it seems the quest is fated to end in bloodied tragedy.
[Part 3 - 'The Gauntlet']
It is unwise to come between a daemon king and his prospective bride...

Creatures of the Night
Why it's not a good idea to go wandering on your own, late at night, in areas reputedly ruled over by Vampires...