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My email is displayed at the bottom of each page. When using it, chose your title carefully because otherwise it may be eaten by the ravenous spam assassin. Word of warning, I am not reknown for being particularly quick at responding (not because I'm unfriendly, just I don't get a whole lot of time online to type much). You can PM me at the forum too.


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Unless otherwise stated, EVERYTHING on this website was created by and is owned by Isabelle L Davis (that's me, the webmistress - generally though I go be 'Drakhenliche' online). All contents are protected by Copyright Law. Soul/Meccha created by E.Lai. And of course the artwork in the guest gallery is copyright to the artists who drew it whilst the Daemonslayers characters they portray are mine.

Whilst I want to share that which lurks in my imagination with you guys through this website (and I know the majority of visitors wouldn't dream of stealing), I want to be able to exercise my right to share my creations without fear of them being stolen by those who think everything on the 'net is there for their own personal misuse! Lately there've been issues with individuals stealing my characters and their appearances. WTF is wrong with creating your own? This is not cool. If I'm asked, I will consider loaning my art, but just taking it is not right. Plus there's the legal implications (read Brad Templeton's copyright myths page linked above)

Also, fyi, this site doesn't allow image hotlinking. This is because it has a monthly bandwidth limit which I'd rather not see leeched off by freeloaders which'll then ruin the site for everyone else ;-P



Feel free to email and ask me stuff. Some of the below have been asked several times. The answer is always the same....

1. Who Are You?
2. Can I role-play any of these characters?
3. Can I make up Daemonslayers characters?
4. Can I write a Daemonslayers story including my own characters/draw fanart?
5. Is this based off a cartoon series or a comic book or something?
6. Can I use your artwork...?
7. Can I buy your artwork...?
8. Do you do commissions / art trades / requests?

9. How do you make your comics?

...and that's as far as the questions have gone as of yet...

1. Isabelle Davis, or Izzy, or Drakhen/Drakhenliche online... I'm a lab scientist (I work with robots and automation - not exciting but the pay's ok) who likes to let her mind wander. I did an honours degree in Neuroscience at UCL and so had to teach myself how to draw.

2. No. Make up yer own characters to RP with - it's much more fun an rewarding to create and get to know your own! Besides which, my characters all contain parts of me... so really it's freaky and wrong to want to play my characters.

3. Sure. The three Daemonslayers: Shade, Blackjack and Soul are enough though. But if you want to make up allies/enemies/supporting characters then go for it!

4. Yeah! See above answer. I mean, you can add new Daemonslayers in your stories if you really want, but they'll get listed as 'tangents' (i.e. won't be referred to in the story arcs I have planned). Although I don't write it myself, R-rated stuff's welcome too, but it'll need a warning on it. Pics welcome too - I usually try to return the favour, btw ^_~ No R-rated pictures though.

5. Er.. I wish. I think I've some way to go before I can even think about that, though I'd love it if they were. You'd be surprised how often I get asked that one 0_o I'm now working on a comic though.

6. EMAIL ME, DAMMIT!! I ask that a. credit and preferably a link back to me is given BESIDE the image. Plus my characters MUST be portrayed as THEMSELVES (i.e. no, you can't have a picture of Blackjack and say 'this is my rp character soandso'... if you do that I'll cut your legs off with one of my katanas).

7. Although I'm not in the habit of selling originals, I'm more than happy to sell prints. £5.00 each inc p&p (within UK). I also have a DeviantArt prints account so check here for what's available on DA. I do commissions and art trades too when I get time. Just ask.

8. See above. But just to clarify; Yes, I accept paid commissions and I accept trades of art or stories about my characters in return for artwork from me. Unfortunately I cannot take requests or do work for free. If you are interested then drop me an email... or note me on DeviantArt (my account is

9. That's a bit of a broad one, since I've used a different method for every comic I've made so far :-D I'll just go through the more widely published two, 'The Unseen' and 'Heritage' though for all comics I start the same: A script helps (um, sometimes I do fly without one but I'm trying to get out of that habit) and once you know what's going to happen on your page you need to sketch it out. I always start with little scribbled thumbnails, usually only an inch or two high, where I plan out the look of the page and the overall details of what's happening. Then I move on to the actual page. I use comic paper... I usually use Letraset comic paper but Deleter is good too, except I can't use it for 'Heritage' (I'll explain why shortly).. Onto this comic paper I sketch out the page which invariably comes out looking nothing like the origianl thumbnail but that's because my art always evolves as I draw it and I end up with something new and improved. Then comes the inking and that's where 'Heritage' and 'Unseen' diverge:

'Unseen' I inked this using Rotring Rapidographs of differing thicknesses for the different line weights. Shaded it in markers (Tria Cool Grey1 and 2) and then scanned it and did lots of tidying up in Photoshop. I added screen tones in Manga Studio3.0 and then lettered it. It was while I was working on this story that I discovered the joys of pre-ruled comic paper and have not looked back!

'Heritage' - for this story I'm inking it using Deleter no.1 black ink and Deleter pens. G-Pen and Maru (Mapping) Pen for the fine lines. Once inked I then proceed to add ink washes. I've been through all kinds of different inks and concentrated watercolour... you can tell if you look at the pages you can see some of them look a bit different ... but I've settled on Deleter Ink black no.5 of late. It doesn't dry to a pure black but that can be fixed with no.6. However it does dilute nice and smoothly with water and since it's not totally black it's quite forgiving. I did try moving to Deleter brand comic/manga paper but unfortunately it doesn't take to the water well so I changed back to Letreaset paper which is much, much more durable and has a better surface. I do the washes using Winsor&Newton Series 7 Kolinsky sable brushes. This is because I like my luxuries and they're just amazing to use. Once inked the page gets scanned and then gradients and further highlighting/shading/tidying is done in Photoshop. After that I import it to Manga Studio to turn it into a page and add all the text. Et Voila.

''Wolf and Raven' - pardon me while I ninja in another example. This method was new to me : basically I sketch very loosely individual panels, scan them, arrange the sketches into panels for a page, 'ink' it in Manga Studio then import it to Photoshop where I develop the inks as the brushes are nicer to use. It only takes a few hours, too, which is nice.

Gosh, I hope the next question's quicker!