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Tymus Beasthunter
alignment: good

Physical Description
Species Magically transformed human (wyrd)
Sex Male
Age: 16
Height 5'7"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Brown, straight, just long enough to tie in a little pony-tail.
Eyes: hazel
Sounds young ... kinda like a teenager, actually.
Scars and handicaps
Emotional: Forever under the shadow of his heroic father. Always feels he must prove himself.
Other: Although Tymus is very enthusiastic about his work and rarely backs down or gives up, he often gets in over his head he always somehow manages to escape more or less unscathed.
Sort of Home Lived in: His mother died during birth, but Tymus grew up being tutored in the ways of a hunter by his father.
Background / dates / events in life
Background As his title suggests, Tymus is a hunter and he hails from the Griffin Peaks. Or, at least, he tries to be. He inherited his profession, along with the magical griffin armour that he wears, from his late father who was famed throughout Caevalonia for slaying all manner of malevolent creatures. Unfortunately his son has a rather long way to go before he reaches such heights and although Tymus has the conviction and handles weapons with great skill, he is somewhat in inept.
Born (date) An isolated village in the Griffin Peaks.
Birthplace: Ka-ar, the hunter
Astrological Sign: Father: Tyran Beasthunter , Mother: Ella
Parents only child
Siblings none
Previous occupation(s)? Been a hunter all his life.
Current occupation Hunter-Slayer.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Philosophy of Life Destroy all evil, never give up, hope springs eternal.
Ambitions To be feared as the 'Scourge of all evil'. To be the hero his father was.
Fantasies/Daydreams Daydreams about somehow going back in time to save his father from being killed by the demon Saragoth.
Favourite Colour forest greem
Deity Pokeva and Vahal.
Closest Friends  
Worst Enemies All evil-doers, as far as Tymus is concerned.
Fighting Method Tymus us an excellent shot with his crossbow and often uses magical missiles. He is also very fast and agile, making up for his lack of physical strength. The griffin armour (That comes from a more feline variety, so it has the head of a great cat rather than a bird of prey) allows him to shape change into a small feline griffin.
Is Afraid of Failure, esp failure to live up to his father's memory
Sees self as 'The scourge of all evil!'
Is seen as Let's just say that 'all things evil' tend to have a good snigger behind his back.
Best Character Traits Perseverant. Doesn't give up easily at all. A good person at heart with only the best intentions in mind.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character Once, when he was using this power while attacking a dragon, he was struck by a spell that somehow affected the armour's magical properties so that now, although he can still turn into a griffin, he cannot remove the armour and when  he reverts to human form he is still left with feathered wings, furred forearms, claws and paw-like feet.
Darkest Secret Feels secretly responsible for his father's death.
How character reacts to peers’ view of them He's quite thick skinned and does not really realise he is seen as a joke by many.
How character sees others (besides friends) A bit of a nuisance and a liability. Handy in a fight due to his shape-changing power, but he tries too hard and is too young to have the necessary skills for the enemies he aspires to vanquish.
How far will character go to get what he/she wants: He will do what he can to fight the good fight against evil monsters and very rarely gives up.
Current Issues?
: Tymus has encountered the Daemonslayers on several occasions. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, he hasn't quite got hold of the concept that they are not evildoers (despite the trail of destruction they tend to leave in their wake) and generally insists on trying to attack them. The Daemonslayers see him as an 'annoying little twerp' (Blackjack's words!) but since he is on the side of good, they've restrained from doing him any serious harm (as of yet).