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Tiamat - the Dragon Queen
alignment: neutral

Physical Description
Species Dragon
Sex Female
Age: about 8000
Height 400ft head to tail at full size.
Real Name Lotanis
Hair Firey red mane.
Eyes: Glowing gold with slit black pupils (main head). They are slanted, black-rimmed and feline and remain the same no matter what form she is in. If she is manifesting her other heads (she can appear with up to 11, featuring the primary colours/bloodlines) all the others will have glowing gold but pupilless eyes.
Scars and handicaps
some battle scars from fights defending the Hatching Pits.
Emotional: none
Background / dates / events in life

Tiamat is a descendant of the most ancient bloodlines if dragonkind - that of the Dragon Queens. It is the duty of the Dragon Queen to protect the eggs and young at the great Hatching Pits (hidden deep within the Jerassy Desert) where almost all dragons are spawned. To aid them in this task, each Dragon Queen (althouh there is only ever one at a time) is hatched with certain special attributes: namely immense magical and physical powers and eleven heads, one to represent each of the main dragon colours - giving them the lethal breath weapons of each variety. They are powerful shape-shifters and the number of these heads they choose to manifest is up to them.

As Dragon Queen, the Council of Mages believed that if they got rid of Tiamat then no new dragons would hatch (at this time they were ignorant as to how draconic society functioned). As yet, human magic was not well developed and the Council did not wish to use a spell that might fail as they wanted to dispose of Tiamat before she realised the Council was plotting against her. So they created a spell they knew would work: it was designed to entrap her within a prison if crystal rather than attempt to kill her outright. One of Tiamat's scales was enfused with the spell and given to a hero willing to fight her (in order to get close enough for the magic to do its work).

He sought her out and challenged the Dragonqueen, knowing that as she was mainly a red dragon by nature, Tiamat would not back down from a challenge to fight. During the battle, he touched the scale against her hide and the spell was released, encasing Tiamat within a great crystal. The spell also turned all surrounding rock to crystal and the cavern where the battle had taken place became known as 'The Crystal Cave'.

The hero returned the scale to the Council and the location of the cave became a closely guarded secret never to be told. This event sparked off the beginning of the Dragon Wars.

Over 1000 years later the Dragonqueen was released from her prison by her mate Syrax Bloodbane and the other Daemonslayers, Shade and Soul. Even thouh Syrax was now cursed by the DemonQueen Shine, she still recognised him.

Now she has resumed her role as protector of the Hatching Pits, but she often flies or simply teleports to the Evermoors to see Syrax but due to Shine's curse and certain other factors the relationship is becoming increasingly strained.

Place of Origin: The Hatching Pits.
Marital Status: Lifemates with Syrax Bloodbane (Blackjack)
Offspring (names and ages) none
Current occupation The Dragon Queen. Defender of her kind.
Current Location The Hatching Pits.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Ambitions None really. She's happy where she is.
Deity bows to no deity. Is the chosen of Kalagons and so serves the demigod.

Because she is primarily a red dragon, Tiamat has the typical vicious disposition and is always ready for a fight (although she tends to be calmer than most red dragons). She is impatient and short tempered and could probably be described as 'versuvian' (as in the violent volcanic eruption) when angered!

Tiamat is quick witted and highly intelligent. Despite her temper, she rarely allows anger to completely get the better of her and is quite capable of controlling herself if she wants to.

She has no great liking for human, near-humanor closely related races e.g. elves and dwarves (although she tolerates F'lair and Meccha) and wonders why her mate finds what she considers to be 'lesser' species so intriguing. But she does find it useful on occasion to adopt human form.

Tiamat is also a huge showoff and enjoys using her magical abilities whenever she gets the chance.

Fighting Skills

Tiamat is an eleven-headed red dragon: her central head and body are red whilst her other ten heads (five either side of the 'main' one) are, from left to right: black, green, iron, bronze, copper, silver, gold, grey, blue and white (on her far right). Though she usually only manifests five heads, the major chromatic colours. This gives her the typical breath weapons of all major chromatic dragon colours (ice, lightning, fire, poison gas and choking black fumes respectively) and she can use these whenever she is in her true form or draconoid form (when she takes humanoid shape, but retains all her dragon features).

She possesses tremendous magical capabilities, the limits of which have never been truly tested. Her inherent magic is the elemental 'Druidic' type, but she is also classed as a sorceress having learned High Magic from spellbooks and scrolls at her disposal and is able to summon wild magic at will. She is also an incredible shapeshifter, although her eyes always remain the same and there is always something red about the creature she turns into.

When in her true form she is a brutal fighter, using all the weapons at her body's disposal, and if she happens to be in human form, then she will smite her foes by unleashing mighty spells against them. Tiamat has a habit of employing the 'overkill' method when in battle!

Is Afraid of Nothing. Perhaps a little scared of wizards though she'd never admit it.
Sees self as strong, powerful, beautiful, amazing... (rather self involved!).
Is seen as Short tempered, fearsome, a bit of a bitch.
Best Character Traits ferociously protective.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character Blackjack's (Syrax Bloodbane's) lifemate. She has stayed true to him despite his curse but their relationship is on rough ground to say the least.
Current Issues?
: Blackjack(i.e Syrax)'s other half. They still see each other but obviously the curse he's under is a bit of an issue. A bigger problem than that though is Blackjack's habit of not exactly being faithful. Normally in life-bonds, dragons don't have to be especially true to one another provided they don't take up with another on a regular basis. However Tiamat is possessed of an incredibly jealous nature and the situation ends up building to a head then things get messy.