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Sha'ala: Lady Pscion
alignment: evil, chaotic

Physical Description
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Species Demon-human hybrid
Sex Female
Age: Physically 18 but sometimes makes herself look older.
Height 5'8"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Pure white
Eyes: Magenta
Quite light, ever so slightly childish
First Language(s): Western dialect, common tongue, demonic tongues.
Scars and handicaps
Not very strong physically. She's tough and can withstand damage, but still not that strong. Her body is covered in strange veiny black 'scars' that become very prominent when she uses her demon magic.
Emotional: Has abandonment issues...
Other: none known. She's still a bit of a teenager since her human aspect has not aged so she can get moody.
Sort of Home Lived in: As the oldest of three orphaned siblings she had to be the 'mother', Grew up in small village in Greater Wilds.
Background / dates / events in life

Sha'ala's life was not exactly long and happy. She saw her mother burnt at the stake for witchcraft and with an unknown and absent father was left to care for her two younger brothers, F'lair and Ged. The orphans were tolerated by their fellow villagers, but not well looked upon, especially after the incident with their mother and the ill rumours that surrounded their father. One day out in the forest, the three were attacked by vampires, Sha'ala and F'lair were helpless to stop their youngest brother from being carried away by the monsters - as she tried to stop them she was struck down by a blow from behind. The last thing she saw was F'alir running, terrified.

She was left for dead, almost drained of blood and suffering a brain haemorrhage from that initial blow. As she lay dying, a presence came to her: an ancient demon whose body had long since expired, a rare entity of incredible magical energy yet it was only a half-being, incomplete, Pscion. It saw the anger and hatred blossoming within her even as the life faded from her body, her fury at all those years of caring for her siblings, only to be abandoned by them. She felt in running away F'lair, ever the strongest of the three even though he was much younger, had let she and Ged die. The demon saw the darkness inside, and offered to complete Sha'ala's broken body with its own energies. The catch was that they would meld, the two disparate halves losing their identities to make a new whole. Sha'ala, ever possessed by a powerful will to survive and succeed, accepted. Although the person that she was died that moment, the thing that lived on, Lady Pscion, still retained her memories and fragments of personality.

Drawn by the shadows rising in the south, she journeyed into the continent's abandoned southern reaches, crossing the Dragon Mountains, passing into the Ruined Land and to the demon-city of Khisan north of the Dreaming Gate. There she sealed her desitiny by joining the demon council of the Lords of Darkness, her nigh-unrivalled magical prowess and presience earning herself a place there.

Now she sits on the council, seeking the seven crystals, the Tears of Anshu, that they might open the Astral Gate atop Firetop Mountain, allowing them to ascend to godhood.

Born (date) Celebrates her birthday on Darkening (the Autumn Equinox) as she was born during autumn
Birthplace: The Hartland area of the Greater Wilds
Astrological Sign: Nissin the Rat
Parents father unknown, mother was called Leena and was a witch (well, she was burnt as one, anyway).
Siblings Two younger brothers: F'lair (Shade) and Ged
Offspring (names and ages) doubtful
Previous occupation(s)? 'mother' to her younger brothers.
Current occupation Lady Pscion, head Seer on the council of the Lords of Darkness
Current Location Khisan, the Demon City
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Philosophy of Life Trust no one. It's the winning that counts, not the taking part.
Ambitions To succeed in everything she does
Fantasies/Daydreams Sometimes wonders what her life would have been like had she, F'lair and Ged not gone out into the forest that day.
Favourite Colour Magenta
Deity N/A - She's a chaos demon.
Closest Friends None, really. Gets on okay with Saragoth
Friends see above. Not a 'friends' type of person.
Worst Enemies The Daemonslayers. Considers all vampires her enemies too
Fighting Method Magic
Is Afraid of Being abandoned/rejected
Sees self as Ice maiden type. Respected for her powers.
Is seen as Haughty and distant. Rather moody. Unattainable. An object of desire for many male demons. Respected for her magical powers.
Best Character Traits She's still slightly human, but there's probably no human nature there to appeal to though.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character She is Shade's sister. She is now aware that he lives, but he does not know she is alive. It is her personal mission to make him suffer because she still blames him for what happened to them. And if she can do that by taking it out on his friends and those he cares about, all the better! Also, she actually does not much like demons but feels closer to them than to humans.
Darkest Secret Doesn’t have any as far as we are aware.
How character reacts to peers’ view of them Secretly likes the attention she gets.
How character sees others (besides friends) Unreliable. She also doesn't like Aster much and the feeling's mutual.
How far will character go to get what he/she wants: Well, she already gave up her humanity to live. That should give you an idea...
Current Issues?
Present Issues: Currently using her powers to find the Tears of Anshu . Also helping spread dissent among the Daemonslayers (see 'Unforgiven')
How it will get worse / resolve: Going well so far...