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Maim - the dracosvulf
alignment: evil

Physical Description
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Species Dracosvulf - 1st generation (cursed green dragon)
Sex Male
Age: unknown
Height 6'0"
Weight Ma'ihm
Hair Green, spikey mane
Eyes: yellow, dragonic
Voice: mean, rather petulant.
Scars and handicaps
No wings - they've been torn off. Various battle scars inc. cross scar over left eye and on forehead.
Emotional: Has various complexes. No memory of past or any idea that he's a dragon thanks to Shine's curse.
Other: Very very touchy about his wings
Background / dates / events in life

Like other dragons affected by the curse of the Demon Queen Shine, Ma’ihm’s past is a mystery to him. The spell cast upon the ambitious juvenile green dragon took away his memories and identity and he remembers little beyond being a part of Shine’s army, serving as a lieutenant with command over several demonic units. He served briefly under the dracosvulf general Blackjack’s command, but the two dracosvulfs did not get on very well (to put it lightly) and after one particularly unpleasant incident where Blackjack ‘accidentally’ had a squad of Dread Knights wipe out one of Ma’ihm’s units in the heat of battle, Maim, as he became known, was moved back under General Saragoth’s auspices in the south of Caevalonia to avoid any further mass losses of troop in the already chaotic demon armies.

When Shine was banished into a dimension from which there was no return and her armies began to crumble, Maim deserted and fled when his small force was attacked and decimated by a unit of Silvaris (wood elves). Fearing retribution from Saragoth Maim journeyed east, knowing no demon armies had been present in the hoary, accursed lands beyond the Misty Plains. He never completed this journey however, for he ran into a tribe of primitive Ranwulf barbarians called the ??Dranark?? Danrath. Ranwulfs, people of the plains, hold all winged creatures in great regard and worship winged gods. They had never encountered a dracosvulf before (since until Shine ‘resurrected’ the race they had been extinct before even the Age of Dust) and thought him a daemon sent by their low gods. Enjoying the veneration, Maim stayed with them greedily absorbing all the obeisance and worship and enjoying the gifts and having his pick of the clan daughters. As the years passed his status as a higher being was reaffirmed by his longevity. To start with, Maim kept his skills as a warrior honed as prisoners of the tribe were sacrificed to him in a fight to the death against him, but after a time his reputation spread and fear became his greatest weapon. His victims would be so terrified that they could not fight properly and every battle was a comfortable easy victory.

Legends that the Danrath clan was host to a daemon warrior spread to the other clans on the Misty Plains and over the years none dared challenge them and offerings of peace and treaty were made to the Danrath. So Maim enjoyed his false position up until, investigating the rumours of a Lower Daemon walking Tymaera, the Daemonslayers showed up. Blackjack and Maim fought a gladiatorial battle which culminated in the cursed black dragon tearing Maim’s wings off. Beaten, and proved not to be a god-sending, the Danrath cursed him and drove him out.

The cripple fled the Misty Plains, still with no concept of the fact he is in truth a cursed dragon. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Astrological Sign: Curran the Manticore
Offspring (names and ages) various offspring from before his curse but green dragons don't usually keep track!
Previous occupation(s)? General, warrior, patron 'daemon' of ranwulf tribe.
Current occupation Unknown. Probably a vagabond at the moment
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Ambitions To get Blackjack back for tearing off his wings.
Fantasies/Daydreams Being able to fly again. Make people suffer.
Enemies Blackjack, Saragoth
Fighting Method Prefers to fight dirty. Hand to hand, unarmed or with weapons.
Sees Self As fearsome. But currently hates himself for not having wings. He's depressed.
Fears Being found by Saragoth or the ranwulf tribe he tricked.
Is seen as A fraud. A bit of a coward.
Best Character Traits He doesn't have any redeeming features.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character -
How character reacts to peers’ view of them Touchily. Takes offence easily.
Current Issues?
  See background: had his wings torn of by Blackjack and would like to see the three of them suffer for it.