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Mad Jakkle, the Midnight Sorcerer
alignment: neutral

Physical Description
Mad Jakkle
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Species Dracosvulf (apparently...)
Sex Male
Age: Unknown. Much older than Blackjack, at any rate.
Height 6'6"
Weight 230lbs
Hair Black mane streaked with grey. Usually hidden under hood.
Eyes: Brilliant blue with balefire glow (like a silver dragon's), darker blue slit pupils.
Heavy and distinguished, but not 'old' sounding. Authorative.
Scars and handicaps
Face is a network of deep scars. That's why he wears the cloth over it all the time.
Emotional: None known
Background / dates / events in life

Very, very little is known of the one they call the Midnight Sorcerer (he only walks by night, hence this title). He is a shadowy figure of legend who has haunted the dark forests of the far north-west for as long as living memory can serve to remember. And then some. He has not always been a dracosvulf - he was once a silver dragon but he chooses to remain in his current form as he finds it suits his needs. The origin of his name is also unknown, but people wrongly assume the 'Mad' bit is literal. It's actually a corruption of his true name, but then no one knows that either.

No one knows how he came to be master of the Dark Tower and the haunted forests surrounding it, but there he is. The Dark Tower was actually built by elves before the Separation (when the one race was divided into Solaris, Silvaris and Lunaris - High, Wood and Dark elves respectively) and was intended to both guard and hide one of the infamous Nine Gates. It is the Silent Gate that is hidden deep beneath the Dark Tower. Due to his original species 'Mad' Jakkle has a strong sense of guardianship and chose to keep watch over this gate.

He very much likes to be left in peace to study the manuscripts and great tomes held within the Tower's vast libraries but, being a known sorcerer and therefore an automatic enemy of wizards, the Council of Mages have often sought to destroy him. He finds this intensely annoying especially since he disagrees with the way the Empire only allows Wizards to use magic: any Eldtrich Awakened (those born with natural magical powers - sorcerers are also counted in this number but are destroyed since the Wizards fear their power) in the Empire must either serve the Council of Mages and their purposes, or face persecution. As such, 'Mad' Jakkle makes it something of a pastime to cause trouble for the Council of Mages.

Most of the time though he studies his art alone, and uses his Seer powers and magic as a silent observer of the fates of men, rarely getting involved unless there is no other way to keep the Balance in check.

Current occupation Sorcerer, Keeper of the Dark Tower and the Silent Gate that it guards.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Philosophy of Life Don't bother me and I won't destroy you
Ambitions/Aims To bring down the Council of Mages and release the stranglehold the Empire has on the use of magic in Caevalonia
Fantasies/Daydreams He's not the daydreaming type.
Deity None. Serves the demigod Kalganos.
Favourite Colour Blue and silver.
Closest Friends Doesn't have any
Acquaintances Blackjack, Shade, Soul, Silvala (not that Blackjack knows this), Ahi, Thrax Morthrul., Adreena
Enemies The Council of Mages, Wizards, the Empire.
Fighting Skills

Prefers to use his magic. But he is still formidable when it comes to hand-to-hand and is very good with a bo-staff.

Is Afraid of Nothing that anyone knows of.
Fears Unknown. Gets very skittish around normal unicorns though.
Is seen as Distant, serious, cold, frightening. No sense of humour whatsoever.
Sees self as A guardian. Serious. Expects respect. He's happy to be feared by the general populace and is in no hurry to dispel his fearsome image Finds people generally to be stupid and annoying - like small children that need guidance..
Best Character Traits He's not evil, in fact he often goes out of his way to help people like lost travellers in his forest etc.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character He's not actually a dracosvulf. He's the legendary silver dragon Madrukh Jakara. But no one knows that. He's also not cursed by shine - he choses the form of a dracosvulf through his own free will.
Darkest Secret Blames himself for the destruction wrought on Caevalonia by Bloodbane, what with being his father and all.
How far will character go to get what he/she wants: Usually he prefers to remain as a silent observer, a watcher. But when needs must he will do what he deems necessary for the greater good and preservation of the Balance between good and evil.
Current Issues?
Present Issues: Currently watching the Daemonslayers. He's not sure whether to tell them or not about the part they are to play in what will either be the Breaking or the Turning of their world.
How it will get worse / resolve: He makes contact with Blackjack and tries to warn him that his brashness will bring consequences beyond even the reckoning of the gods but leaves the desicion in Black's hands (see 'The Midnight Sorcerer'). Later aids the Daemonslayers when he decides that they need it.