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alignment: good

Physical Description
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Real Name n/a
Species Degarii
Sex Female
Age: 39 winters
Height 5'6"
Weight 115lbs
Hair reddish brown
Eyes: yellow, slit feline pupils
Language(s): Degarii languages, Common Tongue
Scars and handicaps
None known
Emotional: None known
Other: None known
Sort of Home Lived in: Small degarii community based around a temple in the jungles of the mid north-west.
Background / dates / events in life

Katlinia had a normal upbringing for her kind - one of a litter of six, she grew up with a strong competitive streak and lived happily there. But her life changed when a passing bard came to their small community with tales of the greater world. The change was not sudden but a sense of wanderlust slowly grew within her until the day came when she bid all she knew goodbye and set out on her own to discover the wonders she'd heard tales of.

Over time she became a seasoned and succuessful adventuress and treasure seeker but at the same time so did her attitude and self-assuredness increase to levels that led her to folly: She fell into trouble when seeking the hoard of a green dragon called Pendrath and was nearly eaten by the dragon but was rescued by Moorin, who happened to be seeking the same hoard. They fell for each other and have now become lifemates and settled in the mountains near Southrot. Her adventuring is currently 'on hold' as she and Moorin have enough on their hands with their teenage daughter who is as wilfull as he mother.

Katlinia does not much approve of Moorin's ties to Blackjack, and although she quite likes Soul (she tolerates Shade but finds him very unsettling) she tries to discourage Moorin from associating with the Daemonslayers since she dislikes Blackjack, finding him a bad element.

Birthplace: The jungle region of the Lesser Wilds
Astrological Sign: Nissin the Rat
Parents Alive and well somewhere back in her homeland
Siblings Three brothers, two sisters.
Offspring (names and ages) Daughter, Crislana, about 13 winters old.
Previous occupation(s)? adventuress and treasure hunter.
Current occupation Flustered mother.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Ambitions Would like to go back to adventuring some day but for now would like to raise their daughter in peace.
Philosophy of Life Life is for living to the fullest.
Favourite Colour red
Deity Pokeva
Fantasies/Daydreams (see above)
Closest Friends Moorin (obviously), Soul, various from her adventuring days
Friends Barlone, Darkclaw
Acquaintances Blackjack, Hawkwind
Enemies None, really
Fighting Skills Hand-to-hand. Good with a sword and very agile.
Is Afraid of Something bad happening to Crislana
Sees self as Good at what she does. Responsible mother.
Is seen as Short-tempered, willful. Likes to get her own way.
Best Character Traits Fiercely protective of those she loves.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character She is Shade's sister. She is now aware that he lives, but he does not know she is alive. It is her personal mission to make him suffer because she still blames him for what happened to them. And if she can do that by taking it out on his friends and those he cares about, all the better! Also, she actually does not much like demons but feels closer to them than to humans.
Darkest Secret Doesn’t have any as far as we are aware.
How character reacts to peers’ view of them Doesn't quite understand why people don't much like getting in arguements with her.
How character sees others (besides friends) She doesn't make her mind up about people until she gets to know them. She's fairly indifferent to others usually, unless she perceives them as a threat.
Current Issues?
Present Issues: Her rebellious daughter, Crislana, joins a coven of 'witches'. Causing her and Moorin much distress.
How it will get worse / resolve: Turns out the coven, although most of the girls are just playing at it really, does have one serious member who makes a bargain with a daemon to allow it to take the others' souls into its realm in return for granting her power.
Distraught, Katlinia and Moorin call upon the Daemonslayers to help. They enter the daemon's realm, in the plane of the dark god Izael to rescue Crislana.