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Hawkwind, the Master Assassin
alignment: Neutral

Physical Description
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Real Name unknown
Species Dakron
Sex Male
Age: unknown
Height 5.6"
Weight 150lbs
Hair None. Covered in fine, deep purple scales
Eyes: Emerald green, glowy.
quiet, hoarse verging on husky. Sounds quite old (but not really old)
Language(s): Common Tongue, Draconic, Isthri to name but a few!
Scars and handicaps
Not that young and agile anymore. Not incredibly strong but he can put on a hell of a turn of speed if he has to.
Emotional: Still has nightmares sometimes about the loss of his family (see below)
Other: Would like to be young again.
Sort of Home Lived in: Dakrons are mostly hermits by nature and Hawkwind's never spoken of his youth.
Background / dates / events in life

Most Dakrons follow the path of magic or scholarly activities. Hawkwind did try these for a time, but found them a bit... boring and he never quite had the patience for magic. Unusually for a dakron, in his youth he travelled a lot and visited many cities. During these travels he met a similarly unusual female dakron. They fell in love and chose to become lifemates, settled in a remote village in a kingdom just outside the Empire and started a small family. Hawkwind chose to learn the art of the physician, studying the body, its ailments and in particular the effects of plants and various chemicals and preparations on it. The two and their young son were happy for a time until tragedy struck.

The village the couple had chosed to settle on the outskirts of was sacked by the Emperor's troops (they had not been commanded to sack it, but were acting of their own volition as soldiers sometimes do away from the eye of high command). They found Hawkwind's wife and son and slew them mercilessly as the commander had decided they looked 'too much like dragons' for his taste. Hawkwind was out in the woods looking for some rare plants at the time and returned to find his home destroyed and his family murdered.

From one of the village's survivors he found out who had slain his loved ones. Knowing he could never fight them, for he was no warrior or mage, he travelled to the infamous (and now destroyed) Assassins Acadamy in Southrot. There he learned how to kill, how to use his small stature to his advantage and, above all, the use of poisons. After several years he graduated and went back into the world to ply his trade. Selling his services, he crossed Caevalonia, all the time searching for the captain who had allowed his family's death. With murder in mind his reputation as a lethal assassin spread and he found himself in high demand. His speciality was in poisons, and killings where it was made to look like death was through natural causes, allowing conspirers to go unsuspected.

Years later he eventually tracked down the captain, who was now a general and slew him with a single drop of poison in his wine. But after all these years somehow the revenge felt hollow. Disaffected, he went out into the wilds, built his own cottage and chose to live alone out in the woods, wondering what to do with himself now.

Then he met Darkclaw, who had defected from his service to the hssaar. He was skilled but Hawkwind saw the young halfbreed still had great potential and worked with him to develop that, taking him under his wing and without realising it, coming to see him as the son he had lost so many years ago.

But Dakrons don't live forever and Hawkwind was not getting any younger. When Bloodbane, upon hearing of the duo's prowess, offered them a place within his personal elite, and with it the offer of the Dragonlife potion, Hawkwind jumped at the chance, closely followed by Darkclaw. Even now that time has past and Hawkwind is mostly retired - he lives in his little cottage in the woods cultivating his garden of pretty but deadly plants and concocting new poisons and antidotes - he still remains a loyal friend and ally to Blackjack and would consider the other Daemonslayers as friends also.

Born (date) Never said.
Birthplace: Again, never mentioned it.
Astrological Sign: see above
Parents see above
Siblings see above
Offspring (names and ages) a son, deceased.
Current Location Moves about a lot. Often visits Hawkwind near(ish) to Mors. Also has an apartment in Halel.
Previous occupation(s)? Village physician, Master Assassin
Current occupation Master Poisoner... but retired from active business.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Ambitions To carry on working with his plants and to be left in peace (except by his close friends)
Philosophy of Life Don't disturb my circles... Also a realist.
Favourite Colour green
Deity None.
Fantasies/Daydreams Thinks about his lost family a lot, but knows they can never be brought back.
Closest Friends Darkclaw, Spur
Friends Blackjack, Shade, Soul, Barlone, Moorin
Acquaintances Mad Jakkle
Enemies The Empire. He has never forgiven the institution that allowed the murder of innocents.
Worst Enemies none that hespeaks of.
Fighting Skills Avoids hand-to-hand combat. Fights with the Strekh'nissaar (translates literally as 'poison sandwurm'): a magical staff topped by a carved golden sandwurm coiled round a large green gem. The gem emits a toxic gas that will only harm those who the staff's owner wishes to use it against. Can also use it as a bo-staff. He's actually very fast moving if he has to be.
Is Afraid of Ever caring about anyone too much, in case he has to lose them again.
Sees self as Fairly aloof but someone dependable.
Is seen as A slightly bitter, secretive old individual, but good once you get to know him.
Best Character Traits Is actually quite caring, despite his best efforts not to be. Also knows just about every poison and antidote there is, which is very handy!
Most Important Thing to Know about Character Hawkwind doesn't go out much. The others come to him if they need his counsel.
Darkest Secret none. Not many people know about his past though and he never talks about it.
How character reacts to peers’ view of them Doesn't care what people think of him.
How character sees others (besides friends) As a nuisance. He'd rather be left alone.
How far will character go to get what he/she wants: Never really needs to find out.
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