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Barlone, the Thief
alignment: neutral-unlawful good

Physical Description
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Species Rattikin (anthropomorphic rodents similar to rats).
Sex Male
Age: 632
Height 5'6"
Weight 100lbs
Hair No head hair. Body is covered in short mud-brown fur.
Eyes: Blue. Missing right eye is covered by a patch.
Mid range. Surprisingly unsqueaky for a rattikin. Speaks fast, almost gabbling when using common tongue.
First Language: Rattish, then Common Tongue.
Scars and handicaps
Missing his right eye – lost it in a fight so he’s very wary of his blind side. Not very big and strong, but he’s fast and sneaky.
Emotional: No more so than most other rattikin, who are used to seeing their species scapegoated and persecuted for crimes committed by humans.
Other: none known
Sort of Home Lived in: Grew up in a typically large litter of siblings. Looks after his family and friends but deals swiftly with any who cross him.
Background / dates / events in life

Barlone grew up in a big family like most Rattikin do, living in the tunnels and sewers on the underbelly of ‘Civilisation’. Though not the biggest and strongest of rattikin, Barlone was fast and sleek. He was an excellent thief and spy and was soon accepted into the Thieves Guild. He worked his way up through the ranks with ease (and a sneaky trick or several). He was also reapected by his fellows because he looked out for them, and had shown acts of bravery when others had been in trouble whereas most rattikin would have run to save their own skin. Eventually he took over the Thieves Guild and his family, Clan Hauser, became the most important in Rattikin society. However, although he succeeded in establishing good trade links with other ‘civilised’ races, he was disgruntled by the disrespect and bare-faced contempt with which rattikin were treated.

When the Dragon Wars took place, bringing society crashing down, and then the dread dragon Bloodbane pronounced himself ruler of Caevalonia, Barlone decided to cast the rattkin’s lot in with the despot. Valuing their skulduggery and ability to spy, almost unnoticed, on other races (and also bearing in mind rats were his favourite animal), Bloodbane rewarded his rattikin army well, by allowing them to keep a share of any treasure they stole for him, and paying out for information. And to Barlone, who had approached and offered the Guild’s services of his own volition to the dragon, was rewarded by being given the Dragonlife potion, gifting him with longevity, extending his lifespan for as long as Bloodbane lived.

The Thieves' Guild still exists and is more powerful than ever, even after the Demon Wars, with Barlone at its head still. Although Bloodbane has been reduced to Blackjack, Barlone is still working for him and the two are friends as well as ‘business partners’.

Born (date) unknown
Birthplace: Fortune Harbour, East District.
Astrological Sign: Ssitheta the Striking Snakes (Tymaeran Zodiac)
Parents Rikk and Welan of Clan Hauser
Siblings Other Clan Hauser members.
Offspring (names and ages) Too numerous to mention!
Previous occupation(s)? Gutter Rat (pickpocket / petty thief) then ascended through just about every rank through the Thieves' Guild.
Current occupation Head of the Thieves Guild, unrivalled.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Ambitions To get Rattikin respected, not looked down upon as nigh-vermin by other humanoid races.
Philosophy of Life Take everything society’s foolish enough not to nail down. Look after your family and friends and they’ll look after you.
Favourite Colour Green
Deity Pokeva – goddess of luck
Fantasies/Daydreams Loves adventuring, daydreams about being a pirate and of swashbuckling adventures. Sometimes he feels hemmed in by his position of responsibility and goes off adventuring with Blackjack or one of Bloodbane’s other Captains like Moorin or Darkclaw.
Closest Friends Blackjack, Darkclaw, Moorin, Rikky, Nibbet ( the latter two are also his second in commands)
Friends Shade, Meccha, Spur
Acquaintances Hawkwind, Mad Jakkle
Worst Enemies Tetreaken the Rat Daemon, Clan Jism, the Empire and its laws.
Fighting Skills Throwing knives, rapier, dirty tricks.
Is Afraid of The hostilities between Clan Hauser and Clan Jism escalating into all-out war.
Sees self as Approachable, dashing corsair-type, thief with a heart of gold but still respected for his authority.
Is seen as Well-liked by his subordinates, a father-figure to his clan, feared due to his supernatural longevity and his powerful friends and acquaintances, his relationship to Bloodbane and his friendship with the Master Assassin Darkclaw in particular.
Best Character Traits Looks out for his own rather than just himself. Will do all he can to aid friends and family.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character The Thieves' Guild is very powerful and Barlone is actually in a very, very powerful position. The Thieves Guild is also an organization of spies, and so he knows a *lot* that many do not want him to know, this means he has lots of enemies. Still entreated to Blackjack, he passes all the information he knows on to the cursed dragon.
Darkest Secret Doesn’t have any as far as we are aware.
How character reacts to peers’ view of them Likes the way he’s seen.
How character sees others (besides friends) He’s wary of trusting people he does not fully know although he never shows it so they don’t know of his wariness.
How far will character go to get what he/she wants: He doesn’t have any great wants for himself, but if a friend is in trouble he will do everything he can and use all the power at his disposal to help.
Current Issues?
Present Issues: Ongoing hostilities with Clan Jism. Problems with the Daemon Tetreaken awakening.
How it will get worse / resolve: Has to get the Daemonslayers to help deal with Tetreaken. They do not manage to kill it, but they drive the Daemon away from Clan Hauser’s territory. However, Skekkit, the head of Clan Jism, forges an unholy bargain with the Daemon leading to all kinds of problems for Barlone’s lot and other humanoid races alike.