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Aster, Lady Blood (of the Lords of Darkness).
alignment: evil. (chaos demons)

Physical Description
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Species Elebas Demon (closely related to succubi, but far more powerful)
Sex Female
Age: Immortal. Exact age unknown.
Height 5'8"
Weight 130lbs
Hair Dark brown, waist length. Usually worn in  a high ponytail.
Eyes: White, glowy
Soft, deep and sultry. Seductive. She has no voice box and so communicates telepathically, but her telepathic voice is the same as above.
Scars and handicaps
When Blackjack stabbed her in the neck, her larynx was pretty much destroyed so Aster cannot speak. As mentioned above she 'talks' by magically projecting her voice into the minds of others.
Emotional: Doesn't consider herself to have any. Any fears she might feel she twists around into spite and hate which she gladly dishes out to others.
Other: none known
Background / dates / events in life
Background Aster is the ‘wife’ (for want of a better word) of Saragoth. She is in charge of ‘training’ magic users and recruits to her army and of torturing and punishment – something she takes great delight in (to a sexual level).
She was created at the same time as her sister Adreena in the Realm of Chaos, then they came to the physical realm of Het, Shine’s domain. The two grew up with great rivalry between them – Aster had the magic and intelligence, but Adreena had the physical strength and much bigger wings so she could actually fly. Also they were rivals for Saragoth’s attentions. Aster hated her sister for this and, after Shine was banished, this hatred culminated in Aster cursing her sister so that she could no longer do the thing she enjoyed most: killing and torturing mortals. Ashamed of this handicap, Adreena fled the demon city of Khisan, leaving Aster as Saragoth’s undisputed mate.
Aster’s life continued, steeped in blood, until she was killed by Blackjack. But Saragoth found a way to bring her back to life and she is at his side to this day.
Born (date) n/a. Immortal
Birthplace: Realm of Chaos. Then came to the demon dimension, Het.
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Parents n/a - chaos demons don't have parents
Siblings Adreena
Offspring (names and ages) Unknown
Previous occupation(s)? She was the torturer assigned by the DemonQueen Shine to break the mind of the dragon Syrax Bloodbane. Later she became a general in Shine’s demonic armies and led her own unit of Elebas demons.
Current occupation Lady Blood. In charge of ‘training’ (brainwashing) new recruits to Saragoth’s army. Also of punishments and torture of prisoners etc.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Ambitions To succeed in her quest.
Philosophy of Life Sex and Blood.
Favourite Colour To rule the Prime Material Plane at Saragoth’s side and to grind the mortal races beneath her hooves.
Deity None:she’s a Chaos demon and Ultharis, the Chaos God is no more.
Fantasies/Daydreams As retribution for Blackjack killing her once, she wants to break his mind again and have him as her ‘personal slave’.  She daydreams about this a lot.
She would also like to kill off her sister, Adreena.
Favourite Colour Blood red
Closest Friends Saragoth, Lady Pscion
Friends Lord Eidolon
Acquaintances The other Lords of Darkness
Worst Enemies The Daemonslayers, Adreena
Fighting Skills Prefers to use magic rather than hand-to-hand fighting. If forced to fight physically, then she uses very dirty tricks - anything to win!
Is Afraid of Blackjack
Sees self as Powerful magic user, intelligent, feared
Is seen as Feared, Saragoth’s second in command, mastabatory fantasy
Best Character Traits Intelligent. Has a very devious mind.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character She has Meccha’s soul within her as Saragoth stole it and used it to resurrect Aster when Blackjack killed her the first time around. Now the Daemonslayers are after her to get it back.
Darkest Secret Untold. To do with the way she finally broke Syrax after Shine had transformed him.
How character reacts to peers’ view of them Doesn't care what others think.
How character sees others (besides friends) Sees others as things to use or possible objects of seduction or beings she can cause pain to for her own sexual pleasure.
How far will character go to get what he/she wants: She will manipulate and cause as much physical pain as possible to get what she wants. She will stop at nothing.
Current Issues?
Present Issues: Besides having the Daemonslayers on her case, Aster’s sister, Adreena wants her dead for what Aster did to her.
How it will get worse / resolve: It will end up with Adreena coming to an uneasy truce with the Daemonslayers. The sisters will fight to the death and Aster will lose but Adreena will not be freed from her curse. Meccha’s soul will be returned.