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Ahri - the Nomad
alignment: good

Physical Description
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Species Dracosvulf - 2nd generation (full dracosvulf i.e. not a cursed dragon)
Sex Female
Age: dracosvulf equivalent of mid-20s
Height 5'11"
Real Name Ahri
Hair Blue/indigo feathery haired mane
Eyes: violet. Reflective but not glowy
light but strong, matter of fact, conveys emotion.
Scars and handicaps
Emotional: Still has nightmares about her father dying
Sort of Home Lived in: Priveledged position as child of clan leader and trained by clan shaman.
Background / dates / events in life
Background Ahri is Aarlsag’s sister. As children of the Redwing Clan chieftain they grew up in a privileged position and beyond their usual training the clan sage taught them the skills of reading, writing and also they were trained in the ways of magic – something Ahri found she had a particular aptitude for.

Living in the no man’s land of the Southern Wastes between the demon infested Ruined Land and the Darklands, home of the Lunaris (Dark Elves) the Redwing Clan experienced peril from both sides but particularly from the Dark Elves who had wiped out all other dracosvulfs in that area. The Clan tried to move further south away from the elves but the land was already occupied by other clans who had no intention of allowing outsiders to share their territories, especially since the Redwing Clan absorbed the brunt of the dark elf hostility directed at all dracosvulfs. The vicious fighting cost many of the Redwings their lives and eventually the diminished clan was beaten back to its original lands where they continue to live in danger.

Ahri and Aarlsag’s father was one of the victims of the fighting, leaving Aarlsag with the responsibility of chieftain. The clan shaman, Vorcarag, realised the clan was in dire straits and that outside help was needed. While Arlsag resolved to try to swallow his pride and forge a truce with their enemy clans to the south, the shaman told Ahri that she must now be Aarlsag’s guidance for he was going to travel north and make the perilous journey across the World’s Spine to the lands where he had heard tell lived dracosvulfs, not like them, but creatures who still knew where they came from and who held the power that made the Dark Elves fear and despise the entire race so. It was said that there was one dracosvulf in particular, a great sorcerer, who had been around before the creation of the first of his fellows. Old Vorcarag was certain this shadowy figure, called Mad Jakkle, would help his brethren in their plight.

At this Ahri panicked. She did not believe she was wise enough to fill Vorcarag’s shoes if he left, and also, though dracosvulfs long lived as they are have great respect for their elders, she realised that it was likely Vorcarag would die in his attempt to get help. Much more confident in her own abilities, the night before Vorcarag was due to leave, Ahri stole away into the night with his travel bag to make certain he could not go, and took the onerous quest to get help upon her own shoulders.

She made the perilous journey across the World’s Spine range successfully and now wanders northern Caevalonia, seeking the silver-winged dracosvulf the old Shaman had foretold would help her clan.

Several winters have now passed since Ahri left her clan and though she was wandered through much of northern Caevalonia, there is still a great deal left undiscovered for her.

Born (date) -
Birthplace: The Southern Wastes
Astrological Sign: -
Parents -
Siblings Aarlsag
Offspring (names and ages) none
Previous occupation(s)? chieftain's daughter. Apprentice shaman and warrioress.
Current occupation Nomad. On a quest to bring back help for her clan.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Ambitions To succeed in her quest.
Favourite Colour purple
Deity none. Reveres Kalganos
Personality Ahri is something of an innocent. Though she is not that young anymore she still has a lot to learn. She is no idiot but on occasion she has been too trusting and has ended up in danger for it. She is loyal and trustworthy but her friendship must be earned. One of her strongest points is that she possesses a well of hope that never seems to dry out and even though it has been years since she left her clan she still steadfastly believes in her quest.
Fighting Skills All dracosvulfs of her clan are trained to fight from a very early age since they would not last long in the hostile environments south of the World’s Spine without being able to defend themselves and Ahri was no exception and is competent with both hand axe and bow. She also possesses limited magical powers and can call upon the elements of air and the sylphs when necessary.
Is Afraid of Dark elves. Chaos demons. Coming home and finding her kinsmen dead.
Sees self as competent but with some way to go.
Is seen as A bit of an innocent but realistic.
Best Character Traits Her loyalty and perseverence.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character She and Blackjack end up as an item. It doesn't end terribly well.
Darkest Secret has none
Current Issues?
Present Issues: They meet during a bar room brawl. After the business with Maim and Tiamat, Blackjack is very hostile toward this new dracosvulf but since she had actually helped the Daemonslayers out in the fight he is at least civil toward her. Shade and Soul are more grateful. Soul remembers what Hawker had told her about a blue dracosvulf being seen in Gerhan (see ‘Child of Eidolon’) and it turns out it was Ahri. They learn of her quest and also that she knows where Khisan is. They agree to let Ahri come with them as they take her to Silvala (who they mistakenly think is the silver-winged dracosvulf she’s talking about). Ahri falls for Blackjack who eventually falls for her and they wind up together for a time until tragedy strikes.