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Adreena, the Immortal-Hunter.
alignment: evil (frustrated evil, that is)

Physical Description
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Species Elebas Demon
Sex Female
Age: Unknown - immortal
Height 5'9"
Weight 140lbs
Hair Black, elbow length, dead straight. Leaves it down.
Eyes: Yellow, no pupils
Seductive but strong. Has a harsher edge than her sister, Aster's.
Scars and handicaps
Emotional: Hates her sister
Other: Cursed so that she cannot harm mortals
Sort of Home Lived in: Grew up in a harsh demon world. Used to fighting for survival, especially against her sister.
Background / dates / events in life
Background Created in the Chaos Realm, Adreena came to a demon realm in the physical plain along with her sister where the two Chaos demons could take physical form. The two were rivals from the beginning and when Saragoth came into the picture, things got worse. Eventually, after Shine was gone, Aster cursed her sister, stopping her from doing the thing she loved most: killing and maiming mortals. Ashamed that she would now be a laughing stock, Adreena left the demon city of Khisan in the Ruined Land and came north into Caevalonia. Unable to harm the living, she now hunts daemons, nether-entities and even her own kind, Chaos demons as this is now the only way she can get her pleasure from pain and killing.
Born (date) n/a. Immortal
Birthplace: Realm of Chaos. Then came to the demon dimension, Het.
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Parents n/a - chaos demons don't have parents
Siblings Aster
Offspring (names and ages) Unknown
Previous occupation(s)? Was a warrior in Shine’s army. She led a unit of elebas demons.
Current occupation Slayer.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Philosophy of Life Kill or be killed.
Ambitions To break her curse and be able to kill and physically harm mortals again.
Fantasies/Daydreams Daydreams about causing pain. To her sister in particular. Also daydreams about winning Saragoth's affections.
Favourite Colour Blood red
Deity None:she’s a Chaos demon and Ultharis, the Chaos God is no more.
Closest Friends Doesn't have any
Acquaintances Mad Jakkle, Silvala (they teamed up against some demons once).
Worst Enemies Aster, The Daemonslayers
Fighting Method Hand-to-hand. She does not have the magical abilities her sister does.
Is Afraid of Not being able to end the curse she is under.
Sees self as Powerful warrior, independent, feared.
Is seen as Cold, violent and cruel.
Best Character Traits As she cannot kill mortals, it means she does do some good by killing demons, even though her heart isn’t in the right place for it.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character She’s not to be confused with the good guys, even though she can’t kill, she can still seduce, double-cross and mislead mortals.
Darkest Secret Secretly loved Saragoth. Is heartbroken he chose Aster over her and hates her older sister all the more for that.
How character reacts to peers’ view of them She expects to be respected and feared. Gets angry when she doesn’t get this.
How character sees others (besides friends) As she cannot harm mortals, she sees them as things to be used or terrified.
How far will character go to get what he/she wants: She cannot harm people, but that doesn’t stop her destroying the things they care about. She will do what she deems necessary, even if she finds it distasteful, to reach her ends. Including allying herself with mortals if she has to in order to spite Aster.
Current Issues?
Present Issues: Under Aster’s curse / Searching Tymaera for a way to break it.
How it will get worse / resolve: Eventually she will form an uneasy alliance with the Daemonslayers, and fight Aster to the death with their help. But killing her sister will not actually lift the curse so her search must continue.