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Moorin, the Warrior
alignment: good

Physical Description
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Species Degarii Mutate (feline humanoid)
Sex Male
Age: 624
Height 6'7"
Weight 250lbs
Hair No head hair. Covered in thick rich brown fur that gets shaggy about his chest, shoulders and forearms.
Eyes: Golden yellow, slight black feline pupils. Light-reflective eyes (like a cat, basically).
Deep, a little gruff but jovial.
First Language: Common Tongue, Hitari ('cat-tongue').
Scars and handicaps
No physical handicaps save that he’s a bit clumsy and tends to forget how strong he is. It’s best to hide your breakables if Moorin’s around.
Emotional: Carries a sense or guilt for his clan’s demise. Moorin never has been, and never will be exactly the brightest tool in the box. He’s not thick, but he does not always stop and think and somethings come more slowly to him than others.
Other: His breed of degarii are almost extinct. This makes him upset sometimes. Gets a bit carried away with the drink sometimes, too (not because he’s depressive, he just likes having a good time and takes it a bit far sometimes).
Sort of Home Lived in: He was part of one of the last warrior clans of the degarii of Southern Caevalonia. Grew up under strict, almost spartan conditions to be a fighter.
Background / dates / events in life

Moorin was born to one of the last Southern Clans of degarii. Whilst in West Caevalonia the degarii are quite small and live in the jungles of the Lesser Wilds in established towns and cities, the Eastern Clans degarii were big, powerful and often mutated due to the wild magic having a higher background level in Southern Caevalonia. Mutations were usually not all that noticeable, but Moorin was born larger than normal and with a second set of arms. Rather than being reviled for his pronounced mutations, his clan saw him as a special fighter sent by their deity and taught him all their warrior ways, even allowing him knowledge of fighting techniques only the greatest warriors are given. His prowess eventually won him the place of Chief of his clan.
Before the Dragon Wars, the human domination of the First Empire pushed its way into the far south of Caevalonia, and into the until-now sheltered land of Nerat with its nigh unpassable mountain borders. Most degarii tribes were either slaughtered or subjected to slavery. Realising they could not fight this enemy with their depleted numbers, Moorin chose to lead his clan out of Nerat, which had become their prison. Travelling through Caevalonia's wilds, they were mostly unaffected by the Dragon Wars, but afterwards Moorin thought his clan would stand the best chance throwing their lot in with Bloodbane as the great dragon seemed to treat the non-human races with more respect than the elves, dwarves and humans. It soon became evident that Moorin's battle prowess was greater not just than any of his clan members, but was also greater than many warriors in Bloodbane's armies. The dragon placed him as head of his elite warriors, but when he realised Moorin did not much like the killing, he moved him to become a tutor for other warriors, which suited Moorin down to the ground! After accepting Bloodbane's offer of magically extending his life through the Dragonlife potion, Moorin gave up his position as head of his clan, who, after Bloodbane's disappearance, left Uth Nagor to travel. He does not know what happened to them. Years later, after the demon incursions, he met the spirited Katlinia and the two became adventurers together. More recently they have settled down and had a daughter but Moorin is still up for adventuring when the opportunity presents itself.

Born (date) Celebrates his birthday on Vintersong (the winter solstice) as he was born during winter.
Birthplace: No specific place name as his clan was nomadic. Hails from the mountain country of Nerat.
Astrological Sign: Curran the Manticore (Tymaeran Zodiac).
Parents Attatchment to immediate family was not encouraged in his clan, so he doesn’t know who they actually were: the whole clan was his family as far as Moorin was concerned.
Siblings See above.
Offspring (names and ages) Has a daughter, Crislana. Aged about 13.
Previous occupation(s)? Head of his degarii clan.
Marital Status Lifemates with Katarinia although she does not have the benefit of longevity like he does.
Current occupation Warrior, husband and father.
Current Location Lives at the foot of the Griffin Peaks, east of Southrot.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Ambitions None, really. He has his wife and daughter, what more could he wish for?
Philosophy of Life Enjoy it while it lasts
Favourite Colour red
Deity Thurhan - the warrior god
Fantasies/Daydreams Daydreams about adventuring, and having his own brewery!
Closest Friends Blackjack, Darkclaw, Barlone Shade, Soul
Friends Spur
Acquaintances Hawkwind, Mad Jakkle (later)
Worst Enemies None, really.
Fighting Skills Excellent with fists and claws. If he's going to use a weapon he favours morning stars and cudjels.
Is Afraid of His impressionable daughter joining one of the weird cults taking root in the region where he lives.
Sees self as Good-humoured, sensitive, thoughtful, able to hold his drink.
Is seen as Well-liked, good-humoured, hearty, a bit blunt sometimes, unable to hold his drink. A great, loyal, dependable friend but keep breakable objects out of the way if he comes to visit.
Best Character Traits Loyal (ferociously so) to kith and kin, patient, great fighter, quite honourable. Kind.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character He can be gullible and quite easily tricked. He's not stupid, but he's not that quick, either. Frequently accompanies the Daemonslayers on their adventures although Katlinia doesn't approve of this sometimes because she think he should be home with her and their daughter. Usually hangs out in Southrot. He will do anything to help his friends. He can laugh almost anything off.
Darkest Secret Doesn’t have any as far as we are aware.
How character reacts to peers’ view of them Gets a bit hurt if anyone mentions his being clumsy! Thick-skinned and takes most insults well, though.
How character sees others (besides friends) Trusts people a bit too easily. Isn't scared of anyone ('cos he's bigger than them all!) Hates bullies.
How far will character go to get what he/she wants: Doesn't like to tread on people. If he needs help he'll ask for it.
Current Issues?
Present Issues: His rebellious daughter, Crislana, joins a coven of 'witches'. Causes him much distress.
How it will get worse / resolve: Turns out the coven, although most of the girls are just playing at it really, does have one serious member who makes a bargain with a daemon to allow it to take the others' souls into its realm in return for granting her power.
Distraught, Katlinia and Moorin call upon the Daemonslayers to help. They and Moorin enter the daemon's realm, in the plane of the Daemon King Izael to rescue Crislana.
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