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Knightmare - the Dire Unicorn
alignment: neutral borderline evil

Physical Description
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Species Dire Unicorn
Sex Male
Age: unknown. Unicorns are ageless
Height/build: stands 2.2mtrs tall at shoulder. Heavy, muscular build rather like a friesian/shire horse. Certainly not a delicate creature.
Name: Knightmare. Any previous names are unknown
Hair pitch black fur. Thick black mane.
Eyes: red like burning embers. They glow brightly when he is angered.
Scars and handicaps
Some battle scars. Loss of magical power compared to his true unicorn original self.
Emotional: None
Background / dates / events in life

Knightmare was, once, a true unicorn. Like others of his ancient and immortal kind he was a peaceful creature and a steward of mystical and sacred places. Until the Demon Queen Shine began her attack on his world. Along with dragons, she mutated and warped beings from other magical races - unicorns included - to her own ends, destroying everything that they were and creating cruel, twisted, warlike minions from the remains. In total, seven unicorns fell prey to her magics to become mounts, war-chargers, for her most prized warriors to ride as they led her demonic armies into battle. All were mutated in different, unique ways. In Knightmare's case he ended up a sublime hybrid between unicorn and dragon.

Place of Origin Unknown
Siblings herd unknown. Unless you count the other dire unicorns but they all hate each other.
Offspring (names and ages) unknown
Current occupation Blackjack's faithful (sometimes) steed.
Psychological Profile / Other Info
Ambitions Never mentioned any
Deity bows to no deity.
Enemies Normal unicorns. The other dire unicorns Shine created, especially Saragoth's beast Nahir.
Skills and Abiities

Able to fly. When in flight he will beat his wings, but this is more for show as he flies using magic (well a winged horse is hardly aerodynamic now, is it?) and tends to 'run' on the air. In flight, his hooves burn and leave a trail of flaming hoofprints in the air up to a short distance behind.

Can breathe fire, create magical bolts similar to lightning from his horn. Can also emit blinding white light using his horn to blind enemies, can decrease the intensity of this in order to provide light. Also able to create a glamour illusion to hide his nature - when using this he appears as a huge black charger though to look closely into his black eyes would show the burning red light within.

Like all unicorns he is able to 'talk' after a fashion using telepathy. This is done by projecting a stream of mental images and emotions to convey the message as unicorns do not use words as such and have no language, although they understand them.

Personality Knightmare's not truely evil but he certainly is not good. He's a vicious, ill-tempered brute and makes mincemeat out of anyone who tries to ride him without the strong will needed to control him.
He loves nothing more than the heat of battle where he kicks and bites like a normal warhorse along with using his magical abilities: fire-breathing and the power to emit lightning-strikes and blinding light from his horn (or, if he's feeling particularly nasty, he'll just impale unfortunate foes on it).
He still has a close affinity to nature and his evil temperament is calmed significantly in wild, untouched places like deep forest glades/mountains etc. During these rare moments sometimes his original nature can be seen.
Fears Unknown. Gets very skittish around normal unicorns though.
Is seen as A vicious, temperamental brute
Best Character Traits Loyal to those able to gain his respect. Which is next to no-one.
Most Important Thing to Know about Character Utterly loyal to Blackjack (though he'd never ever admit to that and it's certainly not evident in his usual behaviour).
How character reacts to peers’ view of them Enjoys the smell of fear
Current Issues?
  Knightmare is Blackjack's steed. This suits him perfectly as he loves the thrill of the hunt and running down their enemies. He doesn't much like the Steed - mostly because he doesn't understand what the creature is (much like the other Daemonslayers don't know).