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The Daemonslayers


Blackjack - Accursed black dragon.
Sarcastic, vindictive and untrustworthy, Blackjack is yet fiercely loyal to his closest friends (not that he'd ever admit it). He swore the Blood Oath to hunt demons for his own selfish desire for vengeance against the curse that robbed him of his identity and transformed him into a dracosvulf. He's not the open type and harbours dark secrets he would prefer to remain unknown but they threaten to catch up to him, and when they do it could spell disaster for all.


Shade - Dire Werewolf
Lost in a personal limbo between life and death, Shade's grasp on the little that remains of his humanity is steadily slipping. Things are not helped by the presence of the black soul of an ancient evil known as Raven, which has taken residence in the empty place Shade's own soul should be. He draws his strength from his comrade Blackjack, and his lover Soul yet he lives in constant fear the beast within him will bring them to harm.


Soul - lycan-fae
Meccha joined the other Daemonslayers after her relationship with Shade led to most of her soul being torn out by Lord Saragoth (hence her usename). Her life saved by Shade infecting her with his lycanthropy, she now quests in the hope of finding the demon city of Khisan and retreiving her soul.



Knightmare - dire unicorn, Blackjack's capricious but mostly loyal faithful steed.

Gor - Soul's mount, a gorrta she rescued from fur trappers and raised from a cub

The Steed - Shade's mysterious mount. He 'inherited' it from a battle with what appeared to be a wight (type of undead) soon after escaping the Spirit World.

Close Friends - Few and Far Between
Darkclaw - Master Assassin
The hssaar/lizardman half-breed, Darkclaw. Pupil of the Master Poisoner Hawkwind.
An experienced Assassin who served Bloodbane and can now be considered a firm friend of the Daemonslayers
Barlone - Head of Ratikin Clan Houser and the Thieve' Guild
Always having the best interests of his 'extended family' at heart, Barlone offered his services to Bloodbane and he was rewarded by becoming a dragonthrall. The Thieves' Guild ruled by Clan Houser still exists and is more powerful than ever, even after the Demon Wars, with Barlone at its head still. Although Bloodbane has been reduced to Blackjack, Barlone is still working for him and the two are friends as well as ‘business partners’ and his huge network is useful for picking up information on possible demon activity..
Moorin - Degarii Warrior
Moorin served during Bloodbane's reign, having become a dragonthrall in the belief throwing his lot in with the dragon would be the best move for the survival of his clan. A hearty, indomitable warrior (if a little clumsy). Moorin's military days are long over but his lust for adventure is far from gone and he's more than happy to team up with the Daemonslayers so long as his wife Katlinia doesn't get wind of it... (she doesn't approve).
Spur - Master Alchemist
Another of Bloodbane's old Dragonthralls. The Dakron known as Spur is an adept alchemist who chooses to live in solitude. The Daemonslayers often come to him for advice and information though since his residence is isolated, they usually speak to him through a scrying glass. Spur very rarely joins the Daemonslayers 'in the field' because he is, to be honest, very prissy and a bit of a wuss. He hates getting his hands dirty and is utterly useless in a fight. He panics more easily than Shade.
Ahri - Shaman
Ahri hails from the desolate lands south of the World's Spine. She was shaman to her tribe of dracosvulfs (Full dracosvulfs. i,e, she's not a cursed dragon like Blackjack, Silvala or Maim). Now she has travelled to the northern lands in search of one foretold to be the salvation of her endangered tribe.
A diminuitive red dragon runt - his age is unknown but he has never grown beyond the size of a hatchling. He was a friend of Bloodbane's before the dragon was cursed, and immediately recognised Blackjack when he first returned to Uth Nagor after defecting from Shine's service. Garth possesses a rare ability to teleport long distances but mostly stays and keeps watch over Blackjack's territory when the Daemonslayers are off 'on business'.
Allies - Those who help the Daemonslayers along the way. Or at least buy them the occasional drink.
Hawkwind - Master Poisoner.
The Master Assassin who took in and trained Darkclaw after he defected from the Hssaar. Hawkwind is a quiet dakron with a painful past he does not like to speak of. It was he who made the decision for he and Darkclaw to serve Bloodbane, and their services were rewarded greatly. Though mostly retired he is happy to remain a dragonthrall and lives out his extended life in a cottage surrounded by a garden of poisonous plants far from anywhere. He likes his solitude and has a great dislike of people in general. He is there to help when needed, though.
Katlinia - Warrioress
Moorin's lifemate, Katlinia. She was (and still is at heart) an adventurer and a treasure-seeker, which is how she met her multi-liimbed husband. Now she and Moorin have settled down and had a daughter, they live fairly near Southrot so they run into the Daemonslayers more often than Katlinia would like (she thinks Shade and Soul are alright but disapproves very strongly and vocally of Moorin's friendship with Blackjack since she think's he's no good for anyone. She's probably one of the few people that's not afraid of him, too!)
The Midnight Sorcerer
Mad Jakkle - The Midnight Sorcerer
Very little is known of this mysterous and frighteningly powerful figure save that he appears to be a dracosvulf and hides his hideously scarred face beneath the tattered cowl he always wears. He is greatly feared and is a constant and implacable foe of the Empire's Council of Mages. The wizards are smart enough not to challenge him since they do not know the full extent of his power. Occasionally Mad Jakkle will help out the Daemonslayers. His reasons for this, which extend far beyond their common wizard foe, remain unknown.
Blackjack's half-sister (same father). She's a pure silver dragon, but like her half-brother fell foul of Shine's curse. She never recovered any memories beyond only the vaguest of her original identity. Although her body was transformed Silvala's nature was not and she remains a force for good. She was found and taken in by the Knights of the Chalice and has become a member of their order, using her fighting prowess and limited magical abilities to protect the weak.  
The Necroclast
Ymmu - The Necroclast
The right-hand to RaSepReTay, Lord of the Dead. Ymmu enjoys meddling in mortal affairs on his demigod master's behalf. He is the Necroclast - the death-breaker. As head of the Necrotoria (the 'elite undead' that look after the affairs of the vast spirit world), Ymmu often has to track down and return escapees to his masters realm. And if they don't want to come his claws can tear souls apart.. they also make for handy portals as they can tear through the fabric of reality. Ymmu was Shade's benefactor in striking a deal with him to allow him to leave the Spirit World, and now has a vested interest in Shade's 'progress'. Why? Only Ymmu knows...
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Raven - Ancient Dracoliche
This ancient, evil creature currently inhabits the place within Shade where his soul should be. His agendas remain unknown, but since they're currently stuck with each other, Raven helps the Daemonslayers and his host when it suits him. Before he changed his word of being to become a liche, Raven was a black dragon, and so often empathises with Blackjack... this does not make them friends.
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Tiamat - The Dragonqueen
Despite her title Tiamat does not rule over dragons. Her incredible power is all focussed into the role of protector of the Hatching Pits where most dragons come to lay their eggs. At one point Bloodbane was her consort. Tiamat does not really like Shade and Soul since she considers them 'lesser species' but she tolerates them.
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Enemies - All Too Many!
Bloodwych - Queen of the Fae
The Fae were once creatures of light but like the elves that descended from them, a darkness entered their species. Now the fae are at best 'playful', at worst wicked, spiteful and malevolent - seeing mortals simply as toys to be teased or tormented as they please. They used to have two immortal ever queens, the Wychqueens.. but Iya, the contrast to her sister Ayi's spirit of light, no longer wished to share power and killed her sister. She then became known as the Bloodwych and the whole species of Fae took a darker turn as the ruling power lost its dark-light balance.
Eleca - Exiled Dark Elf Princess
Rightful heir to the throne of the Lunaris - the Dark Elves - Eleca was wrongly accused of treason by her ambitious younger brother and banished from their kingdom. She seeks to win her father the king's dark favour once more so that she might return to her rightful place and gain revenge on her treacherous sibling. She will let nothing stand in her way and willingly calls upon the power of daemons in her quest eventually bringing her straight into conflict with the Daemonslayers.
Catsulek - Assassin
Quite, quite insane and possessed of a murderous hatred toward men, Catsulek has earned her apt name meaning 'devil-cat'. Her greatest enemy and rival is Darkclaw, He and Blackjack were involved in the brawl in which her beloved mother was accidentally killed and Catsulek has sworn revenge on all those involved as she blames all equally.
Maim - Cursed Green Dragon
Like Blackjack, Maim was once a dragon but was cursed by Shine and had his identity stolen and remolded so that he became a commander in the Demonqueen's armies. After Shine was defeated, Maim abandoned his command and ran away, taking up residence with a clan of Ranwulfs who thought he was a daemon sent by their dark god. They venerated him right up until the point when the Daemonslayers showed up. Maim fought his old rival, Blackjack, hand-to-hand and lost. To prove Maim was a fraud Blackjack (and also out of spite) tore his wings off.
Count Silverlock
Count Silverlock - Vampire Lord
Little is known of this mysterious vampire count as he only relatively recently appeared on the scene. He and his close-knit breakaway clan (which surprisingly contains none of the traditionally revered ancient vampires that act as clan patrons - since vampires are godless dead) inhabit a mountainous region of the Greater Wilds. More 'traditional' vampire clans do not approve of this upstart, but secretly fear the power - beyond his age - that Silverlock wields and it is rumoured he and his clan have struck deals with dark underworld powers.
Nresha - High Priestess of Anshu, Goddess of Lies
The high priestess of the dark goddess Anshu, Nresha is as influential, if not more so, than the Hssaar Pharoah himself. She is an ancient, wizened creature but her frail physical appearance is in contrast to her wickedly sharp mind and the terrible unholy power she can weild straight from her goddess.
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Rhaka - Werepanther Mercenary
A member of Panther's group of shape-shifting mercenaries, Rhaka was always opposed to Shade being part of their group. He hated the dire werewolf for his power and thought him too dangerous... plus he harboured a deep, terrible jealousy for the relationship between Panther and Shade. Even after getting Shade thrown out of the group, that was not enough. Rhaka did his best to have Shade killed by betraying him to a superstitious mob adn arming them with silver arrows. Now Rhaka share's Panther's bed and even though Shade is out of the picture, a murderous hatred for him still burns in his heart since he realises Panther still has feelings for him.
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Tymus Beasthunter - Wannabe Hero
More of a nuisance than actually an enemy to the Daemonslayers, Tymus has got it into his head that Blackjack and Shade are evil and Soul should be rescued from them (he hasn't realised yet that Soul's a lycanthrope too!). Tymus is attempting to follow in the footsteps of his hero father, but has some very large shoes to fill..
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Witchblight - Green Dragoness
They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned... so imagine how that applies to dragons. Bloodbane and Witchblight were supposedly lifemates for quite some time until he became Tiamat's consort... and dumped her in favour of the DragonQueen. Witchblight, possessed of a black and wicked heart anyway, never forgave him and a hateful desire for revenge festers within her.
Whilst most dragons will not tolerate demons, Witchblight has forged an alliance with Beastlord Vorph.
Erile - Corrupt Dakron Wizard
Trained as an Ordained Wizard of the Empire, Erile turned her back on her tutors and went to work for 'the enemy' - one of the free kingdoms at the edge of the empire that do not recognise the emperor's rule. Ever hungry to increase her power, she got into the dark arts (unbeknownst to the kingdom she was supposed to serve) and fell in with Lord Eidolon - an underwold daemon of possession. Their plot to place a daemon Changeling on the throne of Gerhan was foiled by the Daemonslayers and Erile fled. She is still at large and has a bone to pick...
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Selenae The Harpy Queen - Accursed Princess
Once, long ago, Selenae was the beautiful, spoiled princess of the kindgom of Telia. Just before the Dragon Wars she ordered all dragons in her kingdom - along with any other creature 'unsavoury' in her eyes - destroyed. When Bloodbane ascended to power he had her brought before him, and as recompense razed her kindgom and cast a terrible curse upon her - twisting her into a hideous half-harpy creature. Now she hides away in her ruined kingdom surrounded by harpies, awaiting the day when she might break the curse by having someone fall in love with her...
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Bel Sharoth - The Liche-King
The Liche-King is a figure that mortals have mostly managed to forget about, consigning him to legend - helped by stories of more recent events involving Bloodbane and the Dragon Wars etc replacing what would have been scary fireside tails about him. To forget the Liche-King is unwise, however. He and the armies of undead with which he carved a land of the dead out of much of the eastern coast of Caevalonia still exist to this day. Currently he is dormant in his dreadful castle the House of Dust, guarded by the dracoliche Nihilerax... but the day will come when he rises again.
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Prince Izael - Daemon Prince
Also goes by the name Shargrul. Izael is a Daemon Prince.. a daemon of the underworld almost powerful enough to be a demigod. He rules one of the many hellish levels of the underworld, populated by sheekra daemons which are similar in appearance to him. He is revered by witches and dark elves, who call upon his power (though often referring to him by various other names) and make living sacrifices to him. Besides his horrific true appearance, Izael is also shown as a handsome young man who seduces maidens, leading them back to his horrific realm in a strange, eternal quest to find a bride he considers suitable.
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The Lords of Darkness - Chaos Demon High Council
Lord Saragoth

Lord Saragoth - Archlord of the Lords of Darkness
Saragoth possesses very unusual traits for a chaos demon... those of diplomacy and patience. Hence he sits at the head of the Lords of Darkness. Of course, having a brother like Vorl who serves as his personal enforcer is a help too. However, Saragoth is more than capable of holding his own. He is almost powerful enough to be classed as a Demon Prince and is nigh invulnerable to normal mortal weapons. He wields great magical power as well as a strong natural charm and influence that can beguile any.

He has a particularly strong personal agenda against the Daemonslayers, not least because Blackjack betrayed him and caused the end of the Demon Queen Shine, but also because of what he did to Saragoth's love, Aster. The other Lords of Darkness consider the Daemonslayers little more than an annoyance (for now..) so Saragoth's vendetta against them is personal.

Lady Blood
Lady Blood - Aster, Demoness
An elebas demon - the crueler, sadistic and far more powerful cousins of succubi and also 'wife' to Saragoth. Aster's job is the government of Khisan's prisons; the torture, interrogation, breaking and manipulating of prisoners are parts of her work that bring her particular enjoyment. It was Aster who eventually broke Blackjack's mind but now she fears him after he killed her once already. Saragoth was able to raise her back to life using Meccha's stolen soul. This 'fear' is a new emotion for her...she almost likes it in a perverse way.
Warlord Vorl
Warlord Vorl
Saragoth's brother but that's about where the similarity ends, Though not thick, he is not particularly imaginative or forward thinking, but he makes up for that with brute force and a boreish attitude. Vorl is in charge of training and marshalling the anthropoid demonic (i.e. the non-feral demons) armies of Khisan.
Lady Pscion
Lady Pscion - Sha'ala, Possessed Human
Shade thinks his sister Sha'ala was killed when he, his brother Ged and she were attacked by vampires outside their village. And he's right: she did die. But as she died she was given a second chance when the disembodied demon Pscion offered her new life. Now she and the demon are melded: one and the same (unlike the Shade/Raven situation). She has awesome magical powers at her command, and sits on the council of the Lords of Darkness.
Lord of Decay
Lord of Decay - Nirak'ahn
Surprisingly for a demon, Nirak'ahn is very reserved and properly mannered, though this makes him no less evil. He is easily confused with the undead thanks to his horrific, rotting appearance. He does in fact have links to the undead and is rumoured to be forging an alliance with the Liche King Bel'Sharoth. Saragoth keeps a very close eye on the Lord of Decay for Nirak'ahn is also forward-thinking and the archlord views him as a potential rival. And Nirak'ahn certainly wouldn't mind ruling... he does have his own secret plans to work against the Archlord and keeps them very carefully so as yet Saragoth is unaware of them - the lord of decay finds Saragoth's obsession with the Daemonslayers an ideal distraction.
Beastlord Vorph
Beastlord Vorph - Lord of Fell Beasts
Vorph, master of feral demons and fellbeasts. He is an enemy of all forest-dwelling races of Caevalonia. Quick, intelligent, ferocious and cunning, Vorph is a force to be reckoned with. He enjoys tormenting his enemies with hoards of his dark minions. A particular hobby of his is hunting unicorns (not demon-tainted dire ones though) and on the rare occasions he wears armour it is adorned with the severed horns of those he has slain. Although dragons are generally intolerant of demons, Vorph has found an ally in the evil green dragon Witchblight, who has a particular grudge against her former mate, Syrax...
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Lord Eidolon - Lord of 'persuasion'
Lord Eidolon is not a chaos demon. He is in fact an underworld daemon, but shares their ideals. He has no physical presence in the mortal plane and acts through mortals he has possessed. He can briefly cross to the mortal plane but cannot survive here. He plays an important part for the Lords of Darkness, and has possessed/swapped for Changelings various individuals in positions of power throughout the 'civilised world'...
Sir Geirrodur - Demon Knight, servamt to the Lords of Darkness
Geirrodur, captain of Saragoth's elite unit of warriors known as the Agorastra (loosely translates from demon tongue as 'Dread Knights'). Unlike other soldier demons these warriors hold to a certain (if rather twisted) code of honour. He and his knights are the reason Blackjack always has one eye looking over his shoulder for their current mission is to hunt him down and drag him back to Khisan for punishment, preferably killing anyone close to him along the way.
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Finegar - Lord of the Fian, servamt to the Lords of Darkness
The fian are a race of winged demons. Most are not especially intelligent, but their ability to travel tirelessly far and fast make them ideal spies and messengers for the Lords of Darkness to communicate with their human allies when they cannot use more magical means. They have something of a hive mentality - though they cannot communicate with each other, Finegar, their patriach (and a hell of a lot smarter than the rest of his kind), can communicate telepathically with any member of his species so that his eyes and ears are far-reaching.
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Others - Those as likely to be friend as foe.
Adreena - Accursed Demoness.
Aster's sister. Under Shine's rule, Aster and Adreena both vied for Saragoth's 'affections'
(he'd have been quite happy with the both of them, but neither Aster or Adreena wanted to share). Fierce rivals already, their feelings escalated to hate, and Aster managed to win out. Shamed, Adreena left the demon city of Khisan but Aster wasn't finished yet: out of pure spite she cast a curse upon Adreena to prevent her from harming mortals. Being an Elebas demon, this meant Adreena could no longer slake her lust for cruelty and pain upon mortals... so now she has turned instead to hunting demons and other immortal beings, delighting in bringing them slow, painful deaths..
The Panther - Shape-Shifting Mercenary
Head of a unique group of mercenaries - composed entirely of shape-shifters. Calisha, better known as The Panther is headstrong and proud and commands the respect of all her peers in a traditionally very male-oriented profession. Her group are well respected as the best in the business, and are for hire for an extortianate fee... but they will do anything, no matter how goodly or dark the deed provided the money's right. Shade once ran with them and was romantically involved with Panther, but she had to make him leave in order to keep her group together. She still has feelings for him but is now with her second-in-command, Rhaka for she believes that was best for her work. She always places her own personal needs second to the team.
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Weasel Firefox - Wyrd Dragonthrall
Another of Bloodbane's old dragonthralls, Weasel still remains in close contact with Blackjack but friendship isn't the right word for it... Blackjack finds him a useful source of information but suspects Weasel has his own agenda- which he indeed does and only remains loyal to the former dragon because he doesn't want to lose the longevity advantages of dragonlife that being his thrall gives him. At least, not until he gets a better offer...
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